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Monday morning: a calendar of interesting events, new products and useful gadgets

With the onset of warmth, life becomes more interesting and active. In our digest, we have collected several events in May and June that are definitely able to color your gray everyday life: a charity digital race, a challenge from the World Cup organizing committee, races from the Championship, and much more.

Race from the Championship and World Class

At the beginning of June, the readers of the Championship and World Class clients will come together to start the race In one breath. This year, the half marathon is timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the club and will be held as part of the XVIII World Class Games named after Dmitry Zhirnov. Half marathon, 10 km or the first kilometer with your baby? You decide! All you need is a pair of comfortable sneakers, nice company and a favorite playlist with headphones.

You can register here. All entry fees will be donated to charity.

Monday morning: a calendar of interesting events, new products and useful gadgets

The city is running: take part in the race from the Championship and World Class

23 days left until registration ends.

Digital Run Running Hearts

On May 27, Moscow will host the Charity Green Running Hearts Marathon, organized by Sberbank and the Naked Heart Foundation of Natalia Vodianova. Races will be organized for 4.2, 10 and 21.1 km, as well as for 10 km for people with disabilities. For those who cannot attend the race itself, there is an opportunity to join the event remotely. For the second year in a row, Nike has allowed an act of help from anywhere in the world. To do this, you need the Nike + Run Club app, registration and a willingness to help. Each kilometer covered in the NRC app on May 27 will allow Nike to send 50 rubles to the Naked Heart Foundation.

Actors, Olympic and Paralympic champions of different years are expected to compete in Moscow.
Registration for a race in Moscow.

Challenge from the 2018 World Cup organizing committee

Lyaysan Utyasheva, Sergey Svetlakov, Alexey Smertin, Denis Glushakov, Alexey Nemov offer to take part in the challenge from ambassadors the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which they are. Each ambassador asks you to shoot a specific task in a photo or video and post it to the social network with hashtags # Hold_pass and one or another last name depending on the competition in which you are participating - for example, #Nemov Challenge. Gymnast Utyasheva invites you to tell how you go in for sports with the whole family (by the way, for this competition the hashtag #Laysan Challenge).

Actor Svetlakov wants to see from you useful and original dishes that should be dedicated to any match of the World Cup .

Football player Smertin wants you to run 11 km, take a screenshot of the distance covered and tell you how you prepared for the race and why you chose this route.

Football player Glushakov suggestt you perform a football feint, and athlete Nemov wants to see how you try to sit on the split.

Ironstar races for women and children

On June 2, Sochi will host the Ironstar 113 triathlon competition Sochi 2018. However, the day before the event there will be special companion races: Ironlady 5 km for women and Starkids for children. The funds raised as part of the children's race will be donated to the Love Syndrome Foundation, which helps children with Down syndrome. Competitors under 100 cm tall will run 500 m, the rest - 1 km.

Justice Tour

Justice is going to Moscow with the first and only live show in Russia as part of the world tour dedicated to the latest Woman album, released in 2016. The concert will take place on May 18 at the Adrenaline Stadium. The program includes a powerful mix of techno, pop, R&B, electro, funk, metal and in general everything that these French people can find at hand.

The band's music portfolio contains a lot of things: soundtracks for the Dior Homme show, the snowboard movie That's it that's all, the game DJ Hero, as well as the real anthem of the adidas advertising campaign All with us - Civilization single.

New Fashion: Gadgets That Make Your Life Better

Smart Bicycle Helmet

Livall Bling Cycling Helmet is designed to provide safety and comfort. It is equipped with a lot of bright LEDs, a speaker for listening to music, a microphone for making calls, communicating on a walkie-talkie when driving in a group, sending and listening to audio messages. Moreover, if the cyclist falls down and there is no confirmation from him that everything is in order, the helmet will send an SOS signal and your coordinates to predefined emergency numbers if it is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Learn more.

Smart Rope

Smart Rope Pure Rope is said to make your cardio workouts more fulfilling. The jump rope syncs with the Smart Gym app on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch) and displays the number of jumps you have completed and the calories burned. The app can also give you recommendations on the duration of certain exercises.

Learn more.

Exercising is getting easier. There is only one thing that cannot be bought - the desire to reach new heights.


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