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Monday morning: 8 sports-charged shopping

If you're unsure of how to diversify your sporting life, try shopping for a new piece of gear, preparing a delicious and healthy meal, or exploring a new training area. And to make it easier to understand new products and trends, start by reading our digest. In this collection, we have collected for you 8 hottest news from the sports industry.

Novikova's cookbook

The family of restaurateur Arkady Novikov has cooking in its blood. His daughter Aleksandra Novikova , the founder of the cafe and the Internet project about healthy lifestyle How to Green, has released a book on healthy eating with recipes. Both vegetarians, meat lovers and those with a sweet tooth will find a menu to their liking. Before describing a recipe, the book says how long it will take you to cook. For example, creamy porridge with caramelized banana and walnuts sounds delicious, doesn't it?

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Damping at height

Nike designed the shoe with the innovative Nike Epic React Flyknit foam cushioning. Soft, bouncy, lightweight, yet strong and durable, crafted with completely new materials and designs - these are all new Nike sneakers. Working with the athletes has allowed the designers to maximize the shoe's efficiency and energy return. The Nike React collection features a running basketball sports shoe.

Feels like under your feet there is a pillow tied to a spring that moves the rocket, says the manufacturer.

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Fitness away from home: HEALTHY AND HEALTHY

Have you ever thought about going to fitness tour and thus spend your vacation with benefit? Such tours, where you can find like-minded people, eat healthy, enjoy exotic nature and, of course, exercise regularly, are organized by various companies several times a year. For example, fitness blogger Elena Sanzharovskaya is currently recording trips to Turkey and Pyatigorsk, scheduled for May and June.

High Intensity Trainers

Reebok has unveiled the new Nano 8.0 FlexWeave trainers, which the manufacturers say are ideal for crossfit high intensity workouts as well as for exercise stretching. Advantages of these sneakers include flexibility, abrasion resistance, excellent traction and lightness - they weigh only 227g.

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Speed ​​and safety

Reebok has released the Speed ​​TR running shoe specifically for speed and functional training. - the strong point of this model. Reliable fixation of the leg, stability during sudden movements, strength and flexibility are the main advantages of the presented sneakers.

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Sports headphones

JayBird has released new Bluetooth headphones designed for sports, running in particular. The main advantages that the manufacturer claims are: they are waterproof, so you can even take a shower in them; the length of the wire is easy to adjust so that it does not dangle on the back of the head; the earbuds themselves sit securely in the auricle; the battery lasts 4 hours, but there is additional battery for an additional 4 hours, which can just clip onto the wire. Also, the soundproofing is incomplete, which ensures safety when practicing on the city streets.

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Softness and durability

Nike presents another novelty - the versatile Metcon 4 training shoes with record durability. These shoes have already been tested by eminent athletes, including crossfit athlete Josh Bridges. Reviews of sneakers are positive: they note their reliability, combined with softness and flexibility. Moreover, due to new technologies, the shock absorption has been improved, which reduces the stress on the joints. For the first time, cushioning is provided not only by the outsole, but also by the upper.

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Most importantly, do not forget about your health. It is up to you to decide what ways to maintain motivation for new victories.

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