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Monday morning: 7 news motivators

We continue to keep up with the times and keep up with sporting events. In our digest, we have collected motivational promotions from Nike and adidas, training ideas, as well as sports gadgets that are aimed at ensuring maximum comfort during training.

Yoga trainings in Moscow

On April 7, 14 and 21, the trainer Yana Sanzharovskaya will hold the Basics of Hatha Yoga classes in Moscow, for which registration is already open. Seminars will include theoretical and practical parts. The workouts are suitable for both beginners who would be interested to immerse themselves in the world of yoga, and experienced practitioners. The number of listeners is limited: only 18 people can join the group, but it is possible to join the seminar online.

Film Premiere Month: Let's Run

Nike released a short film Let's Run, the plot of which resembles a real adventure movie. The heroes have to solve a difficult problem: the planet Earth has stopped rotating, and you need to make it move again as quickly as possible. Basketball player Kobe Bryant, gymnast Simone Biles, PSG footballers Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani, scientist and TV presenter Bill Nye, actress Sadie Sink, runner Same Monkey, who was barely able to keep up with a flying drone.

Headphones and nothing extra

SOUL Electronics introduces X-Shock True Wireless Sport Earphones. The device is interesting in that it is not attached to either the ears or the head. All there is is the earbuds themselves. The manufacturer claims that the headphones can last for about 60 hours. This battery life is largely due to the case, which also works as a portable charger. Moreover, you can also connect a discharging smartphone to this battery. The white version of the headphones is backlit, which is important for bicycles on the road.

Bottle magnet

If you have ever encountered the fact that there is nowhere to attach a water bottle, whether in the gym , on the playground or in the store, then you should pay attention to the AFIXT Magnetic Bottle Holder. AFIXT is a bottle holder for almost any shape that acts like a magnet. So sticking your bottle to a surface is now a snap.

Get creative

Adidas continues its Here to create campaign. This time it is timed to coincide with the past International Women's Day. Athletes from different countries and sports presented their hard work as a special kind of creativity. Adidas encourages you to keep moving and developing, using your unique imagination.

Football donor marathon

Football Donor Day, dedicated to two important and kind dates at once - Defender of the Fatherland Day and International Women's Day. the day of March 8, - took place in Moscow, in thethe head office of Eldorado, with the support of the Blood Center of the FMBA of Russia. The guest of honor was the head coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov, and the direct participants in the action were the men's and women's donor teams led by Andrey Yeshchenko and Ksenia Kovalenko.

I'm losing weight

The main movie premiere of the week. The heroine of the film, a young girl Anya, loves her pumped-up and slender boyfriend Zhenya very much, and she also loves to eat deliciously and eat a lot. As a result, the uncontrolled consumption of food leads to its fullness and, as a result, the loss of a loved one. However, the heroine does not intend to give up so easily and, firmly deciding to fight for her happiness, begins to actively lose weight. But it turns out to be not so easy to lose those extra pounds, and therefore fat man Kolya, who is turned on a healthy lifestyle, comes to her aid.

It is getting easier and easier to do sports. There is only one thing that cannot be bought - the desire to reach new heights.

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