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Monday morning: 7 news for active and energetic

We recharge for the new week and stay up to date with the latest developments in the world of healthy lifestyle. In our digest, we have collected news about the uniform of the Russian national football team, weather anomalies, miniature skis, new sneakers, healthy milk and sports lectures.

Sole-sized skis

Sounds unusual, though ? SnowFeet offers revolutionary snow equipment.

These are miniature skis that do not look like traditional skis at all. They are special plates that are attached to the shoe and provide sliding.

Sand dunes in Rosa Khutor

On March 23, snow fell on the mountain slopes in Sochi. And sand. It's all to blame for a dust storm from North Africa. Skiers and snowboarders wondered whether it was a snowy track or an African desert. Precipitation mixed with sand has already fallen in Greece and France, making the area orange-yellow. Nature has its own filters.

The New Nike Air

The new Nike Air VaporMax 2 sneakers are on sale. The manufacturers have developed a striking design and also improved the technical characteristics of the sneaker. Nike claims that the innovative manufacturing technology makes the shoe fit the foot perfectly, is lightweight and has improved cushioning for running. The developers stated that they wanted to create an effect that would feel like running through the air.

Unconventional milk

BioFoodLab offers an alternative to traditional cow's milk. Soy milk, oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk with rice - this is an incomplete list of suggested plant-based drinks. Vegetarians and people with lactose intolerance should pay special attention to these products.

At the heart - mesh

The new Deerupt Runner sneakers from adidas primarily attract attention with their appearance: the key element of the model is the mesh, which completely envelops the sneaker, including the sole. Manufacturers have focused on cushioning and elasticity for maximum comfort - sneakers can be worn like socks.

The Royal Run

It has become known that Queen Elizabeth II herself will start the London Marathon this year. The race will take place on April 22, and the day before the start, the British will celebrate an equally significant event - Her Majesty's birthday. The opening ceremony of the marathon includesinto an action where the queen will have to solemnly press a button on a special podium - something like lighting the Olympic torch will turn out.

Lecture on snowboarding

Rider Alina Balashova and snowboarder Alexei Sobolev will give a lecture on freestyle snowboarding on March 27 at the Sochi residence of the FLACON Flacon 1170 design plant. Snowboarders will share their personal experience with listeners and give advice for anyone interested in this sport.

Sports is becoming everything easier. There is only one thing that cannot be bought - the desire to reach new heights.

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