Monday morning: 7 new products to watch out for

Spring is gradually sneaking up on us along with the desire to update our wardrobe, draw up a new to-do list and set ambitious goals. In our Monday digest, we will tell you about sports news, travel and movie premieres.

Water in notebook format

Memobottle presents flat plastic bottles in A5 and A6 formats. At the same time, the bottles are very spacious: A5 holds up to 750 milliliters of liquid. Such containers not only look stylish, but also fit into small bags. Remember to stay hydrated!

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Yoga on Lake Baikal

If you are fond of yoga and have long dreamed of visiting the endless Lake Baikal, then you have an opportunity to make a dream come true. Yoga instructor and blogger Yana Sanzharovskaya is organizing a tour called Plan B, which will take place on the shores of Lake Baikal and is scheduled for the period from August 26 to September 2, 2018. The tour costing 33 thousand rubles includes accommodation in four-bed yurts with all conveniences, two meals a day, 14 yoga practices, 3-4 training sessions and a transfer Irkutsk-Uliger-Irkutsk.

10 minutes underwater

Are you fond of diving? Or do you just feel like a fish in the water? Scorkl presents a device that will provide you with oxygen for 10 minutes. It does not take up much space and is extremely easy to use. Before going under the water, you need to pump air into the device - for this you only need to make a couple of movements. A special indicator will show how long you have enough oxygen.

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Japanese style from adidas

adidas has released a limited collection of Dame 4 sneakers in conjunction with the Japanese the Bape brand. Two color options went on sale - black and green, military style. The designers have come up with a creative approach to the design of the outsole, which resembles a dragon's mouth - in a word, the spirit of Japanese culture is felt.

Motivating film premiere

On March 1, the film From the Bottom of the Top, directed by Yana Polarush, Tamara Tsotoria and Konstantin Kutuev, will be released. This is a sports drama about a skier who is used to being the first in everything and in whose life a tragedy occurs. How he will get out of the bottom, we will see in the cinema. The slogan of the film is - It's impossible to steal a real victory.

Ping-pong anytime, anywhere

For table tennis fans, a complete and incredibly compact set has been released that will allow you to enjoy the game anywhere. The kit doesn’t include only two things: you need a table and a partner to compete with. Includes foldable rackets and a retractable net that fit in a small carrying case.

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Haute Couture - High Tops

Louis Vuitton presents a new collection of LV Archlight Sneaker sneakers for the spring-summer season, which will attract attention from the first look. An unusual wave-shaped sole and seven color options will create a unique look.

Exercise it's getting easier. There is only one thing that cannot be bought - the desire to reach new heights. We wish you a productive and energetic week!

Monday Morning Guns #3 9/7/2020

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