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Monday morning: 10 summer trends

The World Cup is approaching, and with it there are many interesting events that are worth taking part in. In our traditional digest, we have collected exciting events and simply curious leisure options for the near future, talked about new sports equipment and smart gadgets, including even a unique soccer ball that can compete with a personal trainer.

There you are already awaiting: upcoming events

We offer options in which to take part with health benefits and mood.

Race from the Championship and World Class

June 2 on Poklonnaya Hill a half marathon will take place In One Breath, organized by the World Class fitness club network and the Championship sports portal. You can take part at distances of 21 or 10 km. There will also be a special children's race of 500 meters. The races will be held as part of the XVIII World Class Games named after Dmitry Zhirnov, timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the club. 1 day left until the end of registration.

Race in support of the Russian national football team

On June 11, three days before the start of the grandiose sports festival, the World Cup, a large-scale race will take place in Moscow in support of the Russian national football team, organized by Run World Run and the Russian Football Union. The five thousandth race will take place on the banks of the Stroginskaya floodplain. The distance can be chosen: 3, 11 or 21.1 km for adults and 1 km for children under 13 years old inclusive.

Many athletes will take part in the event, including football player Roman Shirokov, as well as media personalities. In addition to the race itself, participants will enjoy an entertainment program and voluminous starter packs.

Detailed information and registration.

Sports Shows

If you love sports and culture, then you have the opportunity to combine these two aspects. The agency TurStat has compiled a list of interesting sports exhibitions that will be organized in the near future in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and other host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, as well as in Krasnodar.

Among the cultural events are , for example, an exhibition about the history of national football at VDNKh, Sports in Soviet porcelain, graphics, sculpture.

Scenic trail in Nikola-Lenivets

On June 16-17, one of the largest trail races of the season - Sport-Marafon Trail - will take place in the Nikola-Lenivets art-Park in the Kaluga region. Adult participants will be able to compete at distances of 10, 35, 55 and 110 km, and a 500 m test is provided for children.A fully running format will allow both experienced trail runners and those who have begun to get acquainted with the world of cross-country runningnot so long ago.
Details and registration.

Sberbank Private Banking will host a golf tournament

On June 3, the second annual Sberbank Private Banking Golf Cup 2018 will take place in the Moscow City Golf Club.

Golfers invited by Sberbank Private Banking will take part in the tournament.
The competition will be held in a double scramble format with a handicap of 28.0 for men and 36.0 for women. Participants start at the same time from 9 holes. It is allowed to play with golf carts and caddies.

Read the program.

Smart gadgets

Unique ball
Football the topic, already popular all year round, is now becoming especially relevant. Smart soccer ball - does it happen? It turns out, yes. There is a Smart ball from adidas, which has built-in special sensors that analyze your game and send statistics to your smartphone. This personal trainer is designed to keep you improving on your favorite game.

Issue price: 21 990

Wireless Sonar
While many will cheer on their favorite teams in noisy stadiums, someone will go out of town for peace and will listen to radio broadcasts, sitting with a fishing rod on the shore. For the second type of people, there is an interesting device - the Deeper Sonar Pro wireless sounder. This pocket-sized gadget will help you choose the best fishing spot and will transfer the most detailed data about underwater life to your smartphone.

Issue price: 16 900

Smart headphones from Sony
The Sony Xperia Ear Duo headset is a new generation of wireless headphones. According to the creators of the device, these headphones are not felt when worn and allow you to hear what is happening around you while listening to music. With this headset, you can also make calls and listen to news without using additional buttons. Includes a case with a built-in charger.

Issue price: 19,990

Into your wardrobe

Fresh news from the series of sports equipment

Updated and legendary

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoe first appeared 35 years ago. During this time, the legendary running shoes changed their appearance and became more technological. Running enthusiasts and professional long-distance runners, leading the world rankings, prefer this personalized model.

Monday morning: 10 summer trends

Photo: Nike

Working on the new generation of the model, Nike designers took into account the experience and opinion of leading athletes (including one of the biggestLei of this silhouette, long-distance champion, British Mo Fara ). Some technological solutions were still relevant, but some of them required modernization.

New Puma Collection
Collaboration between Puma and MCM has led to the creation of a new collection dedicated to the 50 anniversary of the legendary Suede model. The main colors of the ruler are black and fiery brown.

It is getting easier and easier to do sports. There is only one thing that cannot be bought - the desire to reach new heights.

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