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Miss USSR Maria Kezha is in excellent shape. But her career was cut short by a car accident

Beauty contests for girls are a great chance to build a career in the modeling business. Of course, before the participants are allowed to take the podium, they must carefully prepare for the performance and meet all the requirements: from height and weight to marital status. In return, the contestants receive attention from potential employers, and the only winner is a memorable title and a lucrative contract. But not all the crowned girls had a smooth fate.

Belarusian Maria Kezha won the title of Miss USSR in 1990, after which her modeling career quickly began to gain momentum: shooting, numerous foreign travel and charity events. But a terrible car accident marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life. Masha became a designer of women's bags and accessories, first for the houses of Lancel, Haute couture and Christian Lacroix, and then for her own brand.

Miss USSR Maria Kezha is in excellent shape. But her career was cut short by a car accident

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Victory in a beauty contest, moving to Germany and the first big offer

Maria began working as a model in the late 80s: the girl worked part-time at the Vitebsk Experimental Laboratory of Clothes and took part in the shows of new collections. After winning the Panna Bela Rus (Miss Belarus) competition, she went to the All-Union competition, where at the age of 17 she was recognized as the first beauty of the USSR. By the way, then she bypassed 19-year-old Yulia Lemigova. However, Kezha was always shy of a thin figure and tall, so she was very reluctant to go to a beauty contest.

Miss USSR Maria Kezha is in excellent shape. But her career was cut short by a car accident

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My parents made the decision about my participation in the competition , - said Maria in an interview with - At that time I was a very shy girl, it was difficult for me to go out to answer the blackboard, to speak publicly, although, I repeat, there were no problems with my studies. Mom and Dad thought that participating in the Miss USSR would add confidence and teach me to present myself, which was extremely important for the girl.

Miss USSR Maria Kezha is in excellent shape. But her career was cut short by a car accident

Maria Kezha at the Miss USSR competition, 1990

Photo: RIA Novosti

Further, unfortunately, Kezha could not go: before the fight only adults were allowed for the title of Miss Universe. Nevertheless, the crown of the main beauty of the Union opened the door for her to the big modeling world - the interest in Masha was overwhelming. She was often invited to the United States, where she met the Trump family, participated in television shows and news programs.

As a result of her trips, Kejer was offered a five-year modeling contract in the Americase, but Mary refused such a life path in the name of love. Instead of the States, she went to Germany, where she married journalist Ralph Jansen. The marriage did not last long, a year later the model returned to Moscow.

How did the preparation for the beauty contests go?

As the model assures, it was professional, serious and sporty. For three weeks the first beauties lived in a recreation complex in Serebryany Bor, near Moscow, in a protected area. Sports coaches and choreographers worked with them: two hours of classes and two hours of rehearsals for going on stage every day. Dance classes were also part of the training program.

Miss USSR Maria Kezha is in excellent shape. But her career was cut short by a car accident

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An offer from Paris and an accident that ended her modeling career

Returning to Moscow, Maria started acting, and it was enough soon she was noticed by the French, who recruited girls of model appearance in the capital. She received an invitation to work in Paris and this time did not refuse. But then another life revolution awaited her again: the girl was in a car accident, the consequences of which made it impossible to continue her modeling career.

We were driving with friends along a sandy mountain road and at a sharp turn the car took out - we turned over, almost fell into the abyss, she recalled. - I don't remember at all what happened - when they found us, I was unconscious, then they told me that part of my face was damaged <...>. It so happened that the guys were familiar with the Moroccan prince, called him - we received first aid. I was brought to the French capital very quickly. But even there I remained unconscious for another 3-4 days. When I came to my senses ... The first thing I saw was a damaged face.

Miss USSR Maria Kezha is in excellent shape. But her career was cut short by a car accident

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Gym Meeting and Your Own Brand

After the accident, Maria started looking for a job where she could realize herself creatively. Girl friends advised her to Lancel accessories house, where she went for an internship. As a result, Kege was offered the position of an ordinary designer, and after five years of work he was promoted to the main one.

After Lancel there was work for a number of French fashion houses, but all this time Maria was thinking about opening her own brand. When life brought her together with Olivier, her future husband, they began to think about it together.

Interestingly, the couple met at a sports club. Maria often visited him in her spare time.Eat to relieve tension and relieve the shoulder girdle after hours of work at the table. Once, during classes, a young man approached Kezha with the phrase: You are holding the dumbbell incorrectly…. The girl did not pay attention to him - many men approached her, but she refused everyone. However, Olivier was very persistent and still got a date.

It was he who pushed me: Do it, I will be there, I will help! - she shared in an interview with KP. - At the time of meeting Olivier worked as a financial broker, but now he is also involved in the family business.

Masha Keja, a company of bags and accessories, began its work in 2008, and eight years later the first boutique was opened in Paris.

Now Maria still lives in Paris, works on collections for her brand and instills love in her son to sports, giving it to the section. The woman looks amazing. She is a fan of a healthy and active lifestyle, and this is reflected in the best possible way on her slim fit figure. Kezha even has the lines of the press, which is a pleasant achievement for a 47-year-old woman. The designer believes that sports help prevent destructive emotions in both relationships and work.

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