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Miss Moscow 2014. What happened to the winner, similar to Kokorin

Beauty is a subjective concept, and winning a competition evaluating external data is an ambiguous achievement. Today, when people began to think about body positivity and pluralism in appearance, more and more questions arise about such competitions. But a few years ago, beauty contests were perceived differently. Although even then the assessment of the jury did not always coincide with the opinion of the audience.

This situation also developed in 2014 at the Miss Moscow contest. Some felt that the 18-year-old winner Irina Alekseeva received the crown undeservedly. Here's how the audience reacted to her victory and how the girl has changed over the past five years.

Miss Moscow 2014. What happened to the winner, similar to Kokorin

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Why were the audience dissatisfied with Irina Alekseeva's victory?

Although beauty contests are not as popular in Russia as, for example, in the United States, in 2014 the Miss Moscow final attracted a lot of attention. Model and ballerina Irina Alekseeva became the winner of the competition. It seemed to many viewers that the girl did not deserve the crown. In their opinion, Irina was not pretty enough compared to the other contestants.

The situation began to be actively discussed on the Web. The haters who appeared immediately published what seemed to be the most unfortunate photos of Irina. Posts on social networks were full of jokes and insults. Among other things, she was compared to the football player Alexander Kokorin.

Miss Moscow 2014. What happened to the winner, similar to Kokorin

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According to some viewers, the girl was not only not a beauty, but also looked plain at other stages of the competition. Although the organizers did not include the intellectual poll in the program that year, one of the publications conducted a blitz poll with the winner. The quiz for elementary school students caused Alekseeva difficulties. For example, the girl did not know when Yuri Gagarin flew into space, when World War II began and what is the smallest continent of the Earth.

Irina also failed to win the hearts of the audience with her talents. Although since childhood she was engaged in dancing, including ballet and modern trends with elements of acrobatics.

Miss Moscow 2014. What happened to the winner, similar to Kokorin

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What does MissMoscow-2014 now?

Over the past five years, not only fashion and beauty contests have changed significantly, but also Irina herself. Today, hardly anyone could reproach the girl for winning: judging by the photos on social networks, she blossomed and became a real beauty.

Irina changed her style, straightened and whitened her teeth, began to apply makeup more naturally and, in general, began to devote more time to herself. If you compare her not very successful photos from the 2014 competition with the latest publications on social networks, a huge difference is noticeable. Today, at 23, she seems even younger than she was five years ago.

Miss Moscow 2014. What happened to the winner, similar to Kokorin

Irina Alekseeva now


However, these changes are not the only ones in Miss Moscow's life - 2014. Judging by her VKontakte account, Irina got married and changed her last name - now she is Melnikova.

In an interview after winning the competition, the girl said that in the future she would like to teach ballet and acrobatics to children. What Irina is currently doing is unknown. She leads a rather closed lifestyle, rarely appears at social events, and for some time access to her pages on social networks has been limited. Perhaps the wave of negativity and criticism that hit Irina in 2014 discouraged her from being in the spotlight. Or she just doesn't want to flaunt her privacy.

Miss Moscow 2014. What happened to the winner, similar to Kokorin

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