Minus 17 kilograms in three months. Slimming life hacks from singer Keti Topuria

The famous singer Keti Topuria is a happy owner of a beautiful figure. Slenderness was given to her, as they say, by inheritance, but motherhood nevertheless resulted in extra pounds. Recently, a girl who is raising her five-year-old daughter Olivia told how she lost 17 kilograms after giving birth in three months.

Minus 17 kilograms in three months. Slimming life hacks from singer Keti Topuria

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Developing the right habits

Keti moved to Moscow at the age of 17 to become the new soloist of the A-Studio group. At this time, she was not happy with her figure and, in addition, gained five kilograms due to hormonal changes and stress. But the artist was able to quickly pull herself together and develop a healthy eating habit.

When I started my creative career with tours and concerts, the weight gained quickly went away, but still I was not happy with my appearance. I thought: kind of slim, but not enough. In addition, I then ate everything that nutritionists categorically prohibit: khachapuri, chips, bread, fried chicken, sausage ... - said the singer in an interview.

Topuria has practically no time for sports, although she admitted that she likes yoga. However, the artist monitors food quite closely and tries to adhere to a protein diet. Protein and fiber are the perfect kit for keeping fit. Meat, fish, seafood during the day can be eaten in any quantity if they are combined with vegetables - raw or steamed. And in the morning, before 12 noon, you can eat whatever you want, even cheese, although this is a rather fatty product. The only thing that must be categorically excluded from the diet is fried, chocolate and sweet pastries. And also to blacklist potatoes, mayonnaise and alcohol, - Keti shared her secrets.

Topuria drinks at least two liters of water a day, loves oatmeal or cottage cheese with sour cream for breakfast, prefers fish or meat with vegetable salad for lunch and dinner. And no fasting days, because proper nutrition is not about hunger.

Minus 17 kilograms in three months. Slimming life hacks from singer Keti Topuria

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Weight loss after the birth of a daughter

During pregnancy, Keti recovered by 17 kilograms, although it was not particularly noticeable on it. Having become a mother, she did not change her habits: she went on a protein diet, drank enough water and managed to quickly lose weight - in just three months.

Now the girl, with a height of 173 cm, weighs 57 kg - she gained three extra pounds during the quarantine. The singer feels great and looks stunning. She practically does not follow her figure, although sometimes she can go in for sports - for example, to stand in a bar. Like a real Georgian, Keti loves khachapuri.

Minus 17 kilograms in three months. Slimming life hacks from singer Keti Topuria

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A huge desire to lose weight, a special diet and exhausting training helped the singer.

The example of 33-year-old Keti shows that even girls who are not familiar with problems being overweight, it is helpful to follow the minimum dietary guidelines to maintain beauty and freshness for as long as possible.

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