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Minus 100 kg per year: what Maxim Fadeev looks like now

At the end of June, on his instagram, Maxim Fadeev shared a photo that shocked many of his fans. In the picture, the music producer was wearing his own shorts, but instead of two legs he could fit into one.

Some of Fadeev's subscribers were very concerned about his health, and the media published comments from doctors about the danger of such rapid weight loss. However, the artist hastened to reassure the public: he did not perform any operations and, moreover, did not use special substances for weight loss.

Minus 100 kg per year: what Maxim Fadeev looks like now

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How has Maxim Fadeev changed?

According to Fadeev, the secret of his weight loss lies in the correct approach to nutrition and exercise. According to the producer, he did not turn to any special methods.

All doctors, nutritionists, eager for us to lose weight, have their own methods, but for some reason they cost a lot of money. The technique that I will write about does not imply pills at all and no special torment. My diet is very simple, - said the artist. The method that Fadeev used to lose those extra pounds does not involve financial costs. As the musician said, you only need water of a certain temperature and ordinary products available to everyone. In addition, you don't have to restrict yourself too hard.

The composer received many compliments from fans and colleagues. Singer Lolita Milyavskaya was one of the first to congratulate him. Max! It suits you very much, and most importantly, you smile! ”, The artist turned to Fadeev.

And in the comments under the photo with the results of the transformation, they began to actively wonder what the secret of such changes is. Comedian Garik Kharlamov did not stand aside either - he, like many of the musician's subscribers, asked him to reveal the secret and share the technique.

Minus 100 kg per year: what Maxim Fadeev looks like now

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What is the secret of Fadeev's diet?

The producer did not stand the intrigue for a long time and admitted how he managed to get rid of excess weight. According to the artist, his main secret is hot water on an empty stomach. Three times a day - in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening - he drank 600 milliliters of hot water, so that it burns his throat pleasantly, but certainly not boiling water.

Minus 100 kg per year: what Maxim Fadeev looks like now

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Of course, the producer did not forget about physical activity, but he did not resort to extreme training, and not to say that he disappeared in the gym. Fadeev also noted that he plans to write a whole book that will be devoted to losing weight. In it, he will share his own experience and tell in detail about his method of losing weight.

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