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Millionaire's diet: Michelle Monet lost 50 kg for the wedding

The business woman known throughout the UK Michelle Monet simply loves shocking. So, faced with the problem of excess weight, the founder of the lingerie empire decided not to follow the already known methods of losing weight, but developed her own. And although some of the 29 rules of her diet are perplexing, it was this approach that helped the 48-year-old woman lose 50 kg and put herself in order before her wedding with billionaire Doug Barrowman.

Michelle admits that choosing the right path for her the advice of a friend helped.

Millionaire's diet: Michelle Monet lost 50 kg for the wedding

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From a slender model to a complete businesswoman

They say that money loves silence, but not in the case of Monet ... An eccentric businesswoman regularly flashes on the pages of the tabloids and freely shares the details of her personal life. Michelle is confident that she can help other women with her example, because she was able to make an impressive career without any prerequisites for that.

The girl grew up in a disadvantaged area of ​​Glasgow, at the age of 15 she dropped out of school and after her father's illness moved to a modeling business to help a family out of poverty. The stately and strong-willed Michelle could become a catwalk star, but at 19 she married Michael Monet and gave birth to a daughter. The couple later had two more children. The energetic girl was not satisfied with the role of a housewife, so she applied for a local brewery and in just a couple of years grew up to the position of marketing director.

After being fired, Monet thought about her own business, but for a long time could not decide on the direction. The decision came unexpectedly. During dinner at a restaurant, the woman was uncomfortable with the uncomfortable bra all evening and realized that she could improve the construction. This insight became a harbinger of the creation of the world famous brand of underwear Ultimo.

A woman has invested in several years all forces and means to develop business. Chronic lack of sleep, constant stress, unbalanced and irregular nutrition - all of Michelle's problems have left their mark. By the time Monet's company achieved great commercial success, nothing reminded of the model's past of its owner. The woman at one point weighed almost 114 kg and felt uncomfortable next to slender models at the shows, but her husband convinced Michelle that everything was in order and prevented her attempts to lose weight.

Millionaire's diet: Michelle Monet lost 50 kg for the wedding

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How did the millionaire lose weight?

In 2011, the 20-year marriage broke up, and Michelle did not stop herself from taking care of herself. By that time, she was already one of the most recognizable business women in Great Britain and was even awarded the Order of the British Empire. Monet tried various diets, thanks to which she got rid of 25 kg. However, lack of regular exercise and alcohol abuse prevented her from achieving better results.

After the divorce Monet's life has changed a lot. She sold her brainchild, started a self-tanner company, and became active in politics. In 2015, Michelle became a member of the House of Lords, after which she was given the sarcastic nickname Baroness Bra. And thanks to her charisma and oratorical talent, a woman who made a fortune in her underwear became a popular motivational speaker.

Monet lost 25 kg on a homemade diet

Monet's personal life is also in order. In 2018, she got engaged to billionaire Doug Barrowman. The desire to shine at her own wedding prompted the 48-year-old woman to seriously take up her figure and get into the desired shape. Michelle stopped drinking two bottles of wine a day, began to enjoy exercising in the gym and run 5-8 km a day. She admits that she was guided on the right path by the advice of a friend:

As a result, Mona managed to lose weight up to 65 kg. She advises to go in for sports every day for at least an hour, while changing the types of activity: dancing, cycling, aerobics, gym. Michelle also insists on a gradual reduction in portions during meals. And the main secret of such an impressive result, she calls the 29-point diet, which she invented and formulated herself.

Millionaire's diet: Michelle Monet lost 50 kg for the wedding

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Each position has a short rationale, but some of them are still surprising:

  • banned are cranberries, eggs, rapeseed oil, chicken, meat, baked beans, canned corn, cow's milk;
  • the consumption of fruits, dried fruits, yoghurts and cheese is reduced to a minimum;
  • it is forbidden to bake food in foil or film;
  • fish and seafood should not be eaten more than three times a week.

In this case, Monet's diet also contains the rules from common and popular programs:

  • eat as many vegetables as possible;
  • drink only freshly squeezed juices, but not more than once a day;
  • small amounts of almonds, Brazilian and walnuts;
  • eat only whole grains xlob;
  • replace sunflower oil with olive oil;
  • stop frying food.

Monet's diet is compiled intuitively and not all of its points have a scientific basis. But the main thing is that the famous business woman believes in her effectiveness. Hardly anyone would deny that Michelle looks amazing at 49.

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