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Mike Tyson went vegan, lost 45 kg and is ready to step into the ring again

Mike Tyson is one of the most famous people in the history of sports. Now 53 years old, he is in great shape and is about to return to boxing. This is incredible in itself. But if you remember what happened to the great boxer after the end of his career, it generally seems fantastic. Iron Mike went through all possible trials, one of which was being overweight.

A bouncy lifestyle and improper diet led to the fact that Tyson began to weigh 130 kg! The boxing legend was diagnosed with clinical obesity. Mike has reached the point of no return.

Mike Tyson went vegan, lost 45 kg and is ready to step into the ring again

53-year-old Tyson returns to the ring. Emelianenko, Holyfield and Taktarov stood in line

The 48-year-old Briggs Cannon claims to have already agreed with Iron Mike about a fight.

Problems with the law

Tyson announced his retirement in 2005, but problems with the law and health began even before his final fight. Mike became interested in alcohol and especially drugs, which have become an indispensable attribute of every party with his participation. At first, this only affected the boxer's athletic form, who looked worse and worse with every fight, with every training session.

But at some point it went beyond sports. He seemed to spend more time at the police station than at home. When he nevertheless returned to the ring, he was as aggressive as possible, but the technique was completely gone, and this aggression began to look frankly ridiculous.

Mind-altering substances negatively affected Mike's psychological state. He just stopped controlling himself. Meanwhile, the boxer's weight reached 130 kg and continued to grow. Tyson finally finished off the death of his four-year-old daughter in 2009. After weeks of deep depression, he realized that he wanted to change his life once and for all.

A vegan and a good father

Mike confessed that at first he did not take the idea of ​​becoming a vegan seriously. After all, he is a real boxing legend, a tough man who must eat steak with blood. But still, on the advice of his wife, he decided to try to abandon all animal products. In the first six months, Tyson leaned on tomato soup with basil and drank exclusively still water.

The main reason for these changes was the desire to be a good father. He knew he had to be an example for his six children.

From the stern Iron Mike not a trace remained. His harsh quotes, when he promised to tear his rival to pieces, were replaced by philosophical thoughts and reflections on the universe, where warmth and care for others play the main role.

I almost died

FansTyson reacted with enthusiasm to such changes in the life of their beloved boxer. They no longer wanted to see him in handcuffs in a disgusting state. In 2013, Mike came to the Oprah Winfrey show, where he spoke frankly about what he had to go through and how veganism helped him get through it.

This is how Tyson went from clinical obesity to returning to the form of a 30-year-old athlete. This time he shocked fans on the positive side, and his return to the ring no longer looks fantastic.

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