Midsummer: Top 5 Coolest Sports Activities at Afisha's Picnic

On August 4, the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve will host the traditional annual holiday - Afisha Picnic . This year a number of sports grounds will be open for guests of the event throughout the day.

Cycling Orchestra by Championat. Lifestyle

The sports portal Championat.com and its Lifestyle project will combine sports and music in the Summer Cycle Orchestra! Get on your bike and start pedaling. The instrument shown on your bike will play in the column next to it. The faster you pedal, the louder your part sounds. Vocals, guitar, bass and drums on wheels - lead an entire orchestra and play a musical composition together! In music, as in sports, team play is important. Well-coordinated actions will help to properly carry out a cycling workout and give the opportunity to enjoy its musical result.

Midsummer: Top 5 Coolest Sports Activities at Afisha's Picnic

Fitness and technology at the World Class site

Here we try virtual training with real VirZOOM results. In a VR helmet, as a hero of aerial combat, tank battle or adventure in the Wild West, you pedal faster and more efficiently to reach your goal. If you are in a fighting mood, fight the BotBoxer - the punching bag will react to the blows, deflect from them and register the number of hits, as well as their accuracy, speed and strength.

To assess your fitness, try the TRX Maps device - for only For 30 seconds it will scan the body at thousands of points in motion and determine the state of the muscles and posture. And, of course, the street workout at the Gym Station with barbells, weights, dumbbells, horizontal bars, ropes and even a mini-climbing wall will work all day. Qualified World Class trainers will help you figure it out.

Spectacular arm wrestling from MOSARM

MOSARM is a team of professional athletes, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of armwrestling. Several tables for wrestling will be set up at the Picnic - the spirit of rivalry can be pumped in a pair with a strong friend. Professional athletes will help with technique and judge the fight.

La Boule Petanque

The summer cafe La Boule Petanque has been operating in Gorky Park for the seventh year. French street food, live concerts and open-air parties and, of course, the game of petanque make this place almost an ambassador of French culture in Moscow.

For the Afisha Picnic La Boule Petanque will expand into Kolomenskoye, to open a mini-branch for one day.

Smart baskets for playing basketball

Garmonium will bring new patented baskets for playing basketball to Kolomenskoye - thanks to them, the ball will always return directly to your hands throwing.

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