The Superman's Return - Michael Guerra is back on bike to fight road cyclists' crimes

Michael Guerra. How a cyclist did not pedal and overtook everyone

The video in which the Italian cyclist let go of the pedals, stretched out on his bike and overtook all his rivals in the race, quickly flew around the Internet. Journalists of the British website Daily Mail in absentia called the cyclist Michael Guerra Superman.

Using the laws of physics to their advantage and disregarding absolutely all safety rules, the cyclist overtakes his colleagues on the track. All the details can be found in the sensational video.

The video, as expected, has collected millions of views in a matter of days. In the comments to the video on YouTube, people shared their impressions of what they saw. Most agreed that the trick looks impressive, but dangerous.

Follower Michael Guerra Juan Coleman wrote: Sometimes going forward you have to stand out and look a little weird. In Guerra's trick, I see a sporting evolution, and it's beautiful!

Skilful cyclist rides like Superman at crazy speeds

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