Medvedeva vs Zagitova: how figure skaters attract the attention of subscribers in isolation

States around the world are resorting to serious quarantine measures due to the rapid spread of coronavirus infection. Titled figure skaters Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova were forced to be under a kind of house arrest. It's no secret that to keep fit, athletes train daily - this process takes up most of their time. But what if the skating rinks are now closed, and you can't pour ice on the floor of the apartment?

Both girls decided to become more active on social networks and attracted the attention of subscribers with their enthusiasm. We tell you what Medvedeva and Zagitova are doing during the quarantine.

Medvedeva vs Zagitova: how figure skaters attract the attention of subscribers in isolation

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Evgenia Medvedeva: hard training and strange dances

In 2018, the skater left Eteri Tutberidze's group and moved to Canada to train under the direction of Brian Orser. Now Evgenia continues to live in Toronto. She recently returned from the US and isolated herself for two weeks. The sportswoman would only get out of the house when absolutely necessary and would wear a medical mask and latex gloves to go to the supermarket.

Medvedev did not abandon her training sessions and shared her music videos with subscribers. On them, the girl worked out the muscles of the arms with the help of dumbbells, squatted with a pancake from the barbell and rocked the press, throwing her legs onto the fitball. The lessons were accompanied by compositions by Billie Eilish, Christian Kostov and Pharrell Williams.

To develop leg strength, the skater performed bulgarian lunges on a chair and worked with a fitness band.

Apparently, after some time boring days in quarantine made themselves felt, and Medvedeva began to light up on TikTok. First, she showed the audience how she sits on the splits in a unicorn costume to the song UNO of the group Little Big.

Then Evgenia lay down on the floor, clasped her hands in the lock behind her back and in this position tried to roll over and stand on her feet. From the outside, the exercise looks rather strange.

Most of all subscribers were simultaneously pleased and surprised by an energetic dance to the well-known song of Faina of the NA-NA collective. True, some fans called the skater's movements, accompaniedexpected by special effects, psychedelic. Indeed, it was difficult to expect such a performance from the tender and fragile Evgenia. What endeavors are not prompted by the quarantine!

In addition, the skater managed to make fun of her mother, who, in isolation, got carried away with playing on her mobile phone and, apparently, overcame more than a dozen levels in the application. In this TikTok video, Medvedeva tried on a funny mask that greatly enlarges the lower part of her face.

It became known that the quarantine in Canada for Eugene is over. Since the Prism on Ice show is to take place in Japan in June, the skater and her team have decided to fly to another continent in advance. The girl assured her fans that everything is fine with her.

Medvedeva vs Zagitova: how figure skaters attract the attention of subscribers in isolation

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Medvedeva vs Zagitova: how figure skaters attract the attention of subscribers in isolation

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Alina Zagitova: moving to Kazan and reproaches from subscribers

When the coronavirus was just beginning to spread in Moscow, Alina stayed in the city and did not even stop training in the gym. Although many athletes already then decided to refrain from going to crowded fitness centers. Two weeks ago, the skater posted on her Instagram a video in which she overcomes an obstacle course from sports equipment. The athlete easily jumps over the tires and maintains balance on the hemispheres.

Alina, together with her grandmother and a dog named Masaru, left the capital for Kazan. The figure skater's father lives and works there: he is the head coach of the Irbis hockey club.

Unlike Medvedeva, Zagitova, upon arrival in Tatarstan, was not afraid to go out. So, about a week ago, a young fan met an athlete at a bookstore. The boy was not afraid to take a picture with her and posted the picture on the Web. On it, Alina is as always cheerful and, by the way, completely without means of protection.

But a couple of days ago, the skater still decided not to leave the house and urged others to do the same.

While in quarantine, Alina continued to train. She shared with the audience an accelerated video in time-lapse format, in which she shakes the press, works out the muscles of the legs and buttocks with the help of a fitness elastic band, stands in the planke, stretches and self-massage.

The other day, her younger sister's pet joined her training. A dog named Knop now and then demanded attention and came up with a tennis ball in his teeth. Probably more than one person gets bored in isolation.

Despite the fact that now almost all athletes share training videos in quarantine, Zagitova's subscribers accused her of plagiarism. According to attentive Internet users, the girl repeated the idea of ​​Medvedeva, who also studies at home. Also, critics reproached Alina for doing the exercises incorrectly. The girl was not taken aback and wrote to one of the ill-wishers: I'm waiting for the response video. And indeed, if you criticize, offer, and if you suggest, do it!

We believe that both athletes usefully spend their free time in quarantine. And no matter how they now attract the attention of subscribers, after a while Evgenia and Alina will go out on the ice again to strive for excellent results.

Medvedeva vs Zagitova: how figure skaters attract the attention of subscribers in isolation

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Medvedeva vs Zagitova: how figure skaters attract the attention of subscribers in isolation

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