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Me and my shadow: the most famous twins in professional sports

When you see them on the TV screen, your eyes run up. Brothers and sisters with an almost identical appearance and high results in a large sports arena are not so rare. Some of them decided not to be separated and work in one team to achieve a common result. Others have to balance competition in individual sports and camaraderie in family relationships. Find out more about the career of the famous twins in our collection.

Kirill and Dmitry Kombarovs

Both brothers are pupils of the Spartak football school, where they got due to the close acquaintance of their father with the main coach Nikolai Parshin. But their first Spartak period in their careers did not last long: the Kombarov brothers with a scandal left for Dynamo in 2004. The reason for the conflict was Parshin's opinion about the futility of Kirill and Dmitry. However, less than six years later, the Kombarovs returned to the red-and-white squad. There were reasons for that, because the team played in the Champions League, and this is a great chance for development. The transfer for $ 10 million was extremely successful for both twins, but Dmitry showed a more powerful start. Their contract expired only this year, after which the brothers went each on their own path. Dmitry - to the Samara Wings of the Soviets, and Kirill - to the Tula Arsenal.

Christina and Karolina Plishkovs

Czech tennis twins started their careers as a pair, but then decided to try their luck with other partners. There were times when the Plishkovs had to play against each other. Carolina won five of nine fights. Christina is two minutes older than her sister, but it so happened that Carolina always showed the best individual results in sports. For example, at the end of 2017, the eldest ranked 61st in singles and 76th in doubles, while the youngest ranked 8th in singles and 205th in doubles.

Brook and Robin Lopez

Two basketball brothers from the USA played for the same team during their student years - Stanford Cardinal. The Lopez grew up together to the level of the NBA, but for a long time they were in different clubs. Brooke played for the Milwaukee Bucks and Robin for the Chicago Bulls. And only this summer they reunited: before the start of the season, Robin moved to his brother's team. However, even as a member of one club, Brook will receive almost three times more Robin this year: $ 12 million versus $ 5 million.

Angela and Amber Cope

At first glance, you might not say that Angela and Amber look like professional racers. But it is so. In 2010, the Cope became the first-ever twins to compete in a NASCAR race. It took place in midai Camping World Truck in Martinsville. The fact is that the Cope family is a whole dynasty of high-class pilots. Grandfather and his brothers preferred motorcycles and owned a car shop, and the girls' father became the winner of the Daytona 500. Therefore, Angela and Amber did not wait long and came to motorsport at the age of nine, starting with karting.

Alexey and Vasily Berezutsky

In July 2018, the legendary brothers Berezutsky announced the end of their football career. Alexey and Vasily played for 16 years for CSKA Moscow and 13 years for the Russian national team. The brothers played a key role in protecting both teams and played over 500 matches each. They can be safely called the most titled players of national football after Sergei Ignashevich. The Berezutskys are six-time Russian champions, seven-time Russian Cup winners, six-time Russian Super Cup winners, UEFA Cup winners and bronze medalists of the European Championship. After completing their careers, Alexey and Vasily joined the coaching staff of the Dutch football club Vitesse.

Me and my shadow: the most famous twins in professional sports

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Henrik and Daniel Sedin

The Swedish brothers, with their affection for hockey, went to their father, Tommy Sedin. In the 1970s, he played in the lower divisions, after which he retired. The older brother of the boys, Peter, also tried himself in family sports, but did not go further than the MODO youth team. Henrik and Daniel, in turn, have achieved more: the brothers played in Vancouver, became Olympic champions in 2006 and took gold in the world championship with the national team in 2013. Daniel also won silver at the Sochi Olympics. The twins retired a year ago.

Bob and Mike Brian

These brothers have formed an unrivaled team in men's doubles tennis. Throughout their career, which is still ongoing, they have collected all possible titles, having played 1,100 games on the court. The Brians have hosted more than 100 ATP and Grand Slam finals, have become 16-time winners of the most prestigious tennis tournament and Davis Cup winners with the USA national team in 2007. In addition, left-handed Bob was able to prove himself in singles tennis.

Valentina and Vita Semerenko

The twin sisters were included in the Ukrainian relay team that won gold at the Olympic Games in Sochi. Despite such a team success in 2014, Valentina usually performs more successfully than Vita. In 2015, Valya Semerenko won the title of world champion.

The fate of the twin athletes develops in different ways. Rarely whoaccording to the results goes side by side, because it is impossible to show the same technique and perseverance throughout your career. But, as we can see, siblings, who are difficult to distinguish at first glance, perfectly manage to compete on the field, court or track and respect, support each other outside the game.

Me and my shadow: the most famous twins in professional sports

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Me and my shadow: the most famous twins in professional sports

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