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Me and my shadow: how the famous twins from the 90s changed

Olsen began their careers at the age of nine months, and as teenagers, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen became famous all over the world. A company was even created that was engaged in the production of films with girls, and later it began to produce products with the symbols of sisters: clothes, books, perfumes, magazines. The last time the girls starred together in the film Moments of New York at the end of 2004. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that same year.

What did the Olsen sisters do after the peak in their careers?

Filming in films stopped attracting girls, they decided to do creation of designer clothes. At first these were things for trendy teenagers, then for a wider audience. Another area of ​​the famous sisters is writing and publishing. Every two months, the girls consistently published a fashion magazine.

Me and my shadow: how the famous twins from the 90s changed

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The Olsen family split

Mary-Kate Olsen decided that her sister Ashley was using more popularity than she. Therefore, I decided to test my strength alone, starring in the film I Seduced Andy Warhol in 2006. Later there were a number of paintings where Mary-Kate shone alone. But in 2011, the sisters still decided to unite, jointly writing an autobiographical book.

Scandals after the end of their film career

Animal advocates condemned the sisters for wearing fur. But the girls staunchly defended their position, saying that there are still many such things in their wardrobe. Not without the typical accusations that many stars have to face - drugs. Mary-Kate was even blamed for the death of actor Heath Ledger. According to some information, he had a relationship with one of the Olsen sisters. After their separation, Heath fell into a deep depression, taking a lethal dose of drugs. However, Mary-Kate denied everything, saying that Ledger was her friend.

Me and my shadow: how the famous twins from the 90s changed

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What is the reason for early aging ?

Now the girls are 33 years old, but the sisters look clearly older. In 2017, Mary-Kate and Ashley appeared at the 2017 MET Gala. The audience was amazed at their mourning makeup and sunken faces.

Later, Mary-Kate stunned people with her appearance at the ceremony where she attendedwalked with Olivier Sarkozy, the brother of the former President of France. The girl was immediately accused of drug use. And as experts said, everyone has long been accustomed to greasy hair.

Mary- Kate, moreover, was accused of making herself unsuccessful plastic. The attentive audience noticed the neat nose and cheekbones that were not inherent to the girl. On the contrary, Ashley's appearance was assessed, noting the fact that the girl did not resort to any surgical interventions.

But it is worth noting that in the past Mary had serious problems with eating behavior, she suffered from anorexia. As a result, the girl dramatically and greatly lost weight, which could not but affect her face: the subcutaneous fat layer became thinner, the cheekbones became more pronounced, and the cheeks were sunken.

There is an opinion that girls at one time got tired of being cuties and began to desperately strive to grow up. They did everything to look more mature - they lost weight, smoked, drank a lot of coffee and more. It seems that this could lead to such sad consequences in appearance.

According to fans , at 33, the girls look over 40.

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