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Maximum Pleasure - Minimum Calories: Choosing a Healthy Movie Snack

Going to the movies is one of the most popular weekend activities. And, as a rule, it is not complete without popcorn and soda. But what if you have already decided to stick to proper nutrition and not let yourself roam over the holidays, and 2019 promises so many interesting premieres? We will not make you watch a movie hungry to the enticing aromas of popcorn, but we will tell you how to replace your usual movie snacks with a healthy snack.

Maximum Pleasure - Minimum Calories: Choosing a Healthy Movie Snack


The easiest, of course, is to simply resist the temptation to crunch snacks while watching. But in practice, this is much more difficult to do. Especially when you go to the cinema in a big company. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay on track.

  • Don't go to the movies on an empty stomach.
  • Share. Offer your portion to your friends. So you won't be left without pleasure, and eat much less.
  • Consider the calorie content of snacks. Include it in your daily diet.

Well, for those who do not want to feel remorse for another trip to the cinema, we have collected several alternative options that will replace your favorite snacks.

Dried Fruit Mixes

By themselves, raisins, dried apricots, figs are a very high-calorie substitute. However, specialty mixes that can be found in any store offer dried bananas, apples, mangoes, etc. These are much less caloric, but definitely healthy options.

Calories: about 300 kcal.

Healthy popcorn

Delicious popcorn of the healthiest ingredients - what could be better? Holi Korn is made with coconut oil and sea salt. One such pack contains only about 100 kcal. Recommended!

Calories: about 80-120 kcal.

Vegetable sticks

Ideal replacement for nachos for food lovers with sauce. Long strips of carrots, celery, cucumbers can be cut at home. Or you can buy it at the food court or in the nearest store, they have become a very popular snack.

Calories: about 76 kcal.

Maximum Pleasure - Minimum Calories: Choosing a Healthy Movie Snack


Pumpkin seeds

It seems that you can't find someone who doesn't like pumpkin seeds. Despite the rather high calorie content, such an appetizer will not only be tasty, but also healthy, because they help to improve digestion and stabilize blood pressure. It is important that the seeds should be dried without salt.

Calories: about 500 kcal.


Oat, corn, wheat or rye bran can be seen in the diet sections of supermarkets. Their salty taste will help replace popcorn, and their beneficial properties will also contribute to weight loss. They absorb excess water, toxins, fats, heavymetals and improve digestion. In the stomach, the bran swells and creates a feeling of fullness.

Calories: about 246 kcal.

Maximum Pleasure - Minimum Calories: Choosing a Healthy Movie Snack


Don't forget what you drink in movie theaters with. Most often it is soda. Replace it with mineral water, smoothies, fresh or packaged juice (but preferably without sugar), and your body will definitely thank you.

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