I Tried The 7-Minute Workout For A Month — Here's What Happened

Maximum efficiency in minimum time: fast workout in 30 minutes

In the modern pace of life, there is often not enough time for long studies. But what if you still want to add sports to your routine? In order to keep your body in good shape, you don't have to spend long hours in the gym. Together with the trainer Ekaterina Nekrasova , we have prepared an effective home workout program for the whole body. You don't even need sports equipment to complete it.

Maximum efficiency in minimum time: fast workout in 30 minutes

Full body in 30 minutes. Workout effectively at home

Just four simple exercises that will work great for different muscle groups.

How to do the exercises?

All exercises are performed in a circle. Each must be done within 60 seconds or repeated 20 times. Take a 10 second break between exercises. After completing the circle, you need to take a break for one minute.


Starting position: standing on the floor, lower yourself onto your hands with your knees slightly bent.

Move your hands step by step on the floor, reaching the position of the bar on straight arms. Lower yourself onto your elbows and then straighten your arms again. Move back until you return to your upright position.

Maximum efficiency in minimum time: fast workout in 30 minutes

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Touch Corner

Starting position: sitting on the floor with support on the buttocks, arms extended along the body parallel to the floor.

While in this position, alternately touch the floor with your feet. At the same time, the back should be slightly rounded, and the abs should be tense to eliminate the load on the lower back.

Back lunges

Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, arms in the castle in front of you.

Take a step back on toe, keeping your weight on the leg in front. As you inhale, do a squat on one leg, bringing your thigh to parallel with the floor. As you exhale, push yourself up, contracting the buttocks in front of you. Then return to starting position.

Maximum efficiency in minimum time: fast workout in 30 minutes

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Push-ups with transition

Starting position: kneeling in a plank, back in a natural position, pelvis lowered, palms in projection on the bottom of the chest, slightly wider than the shoulders.

As you inhale, do a push-up, as you exhale, bring your body back to its original position. Then take a steparm to the side and repeat the push-up.

Jumping out of the squat

Starting position: feet hip-width apart, hands on hips or in front of you.

As you inhale, squat parallel to the floor, knees be directed towards the socks. As you exhale, jump out and then return to the starting position.

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