ITU World Championship Budapest, First Day (Sprint)

Maxim Zhurilo: my first start was the triathlon world championship

Not so long ago, the opening of the triathlon season in Sochi took place, which means it's time to watch the new episode of the show # 226 questions . Let us remind you that this is the first YouTube show about triathlon, which the Championship launched together with the leading organizer of triathlon starts in Russia, Ironstar.

This time our guest was the founder of the I love supersport project and co-founder of Ironstar Maxim Zhurilo . He has 7 Ironman distances, including the extreme three: Norseman, Swissman and Keltman.

- Maxim, how many years ago did your triathlon journey begin?

- I made my first triathlon start in 2010.

- You weighed 110 kilograms. How did that Monday come when you woke up and decided that it was time to switch to sports?

- At one point I had a dream to climb Mount Everest. And I decided that for this you need to lose weight. I started by running. My first goal was a dozen, and about a month later I ran it. I liked this game when you have a specific goal and you go to it. I immediately decided to run a marathon. I immediately looked at what they were and chose New York for myself. Since 2009, I decided to run all the majors, and then I got carried away with triathlon, and missed it a little. Now I'm back, I'm running Boston and there will be only Tokyo.

- How did this goal develop into conquering the Ironman distance?

- After finishing in New York, I I got into a conversation with two guys, and they told me that there is an Ironman. I decided to give it a try, I was preparing for it rather conservatively.

- What it was like the first Ironman? What insights did he bring?

- The first one was in Austria in 2012. To be honest, there were no insights. Ironman is a reward for your training. It's like a holiday. I don't think Ironman is a miracle. Anyone on the street can do it, they just don't need it. It's not like with a parachute - close your eyes and jump, the preparation stage is important here. Plan so that a year before the race you have swam 250 kilometers in total, drove seven or eight thousand kilometers on the bike, and ran one and a half. Then you go the distance, and this is your gift.

- Was there anything funny connected with your first start?

- Yes. It just so happened that it was the final of the Triathlon World Championship. Those were wild times, when about fifteen people were engaged in the newt in Russia. There was not a single start, and according to the calendar I saw that the closest one was in Budapest. I think: Great, it's not very far to go. I decide that I will go to the Olympics. I am trying to register, but they write to me that I need to do this through the Triathlon Federation in Russia. I thought it was some kind of strange sport, but probably it should be. I called, they told me to come and they would issue me. Then it became clear that in Budapest aboutwent to the ITU Grand Finals, and only qualify for it. But there was no one from Russia, so I went.

Watch the full version of the interview on YouTube.

- What is the difference between foreign starts?

- Since amateur sports have been developing there for a very long time, people treat everything much easier. There is no this performance, more fun. We will soon have this too, I hope.

- Thanks to your projects, a lot of people come to sports consciously, with a coach, with motivation. How did you come?

- I started wrong, and this was one of the reasons why we later made I love running. I broke a lot of firewood: too much, running too fast ... my back started to hurt, the doctor said that running is harmful in general. In general, everything that could be done wrong, I did. A person can train incorrectly for years, in terms of heart rate and load on the heart, and not know about it.

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