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Massage roller: how to get rid of muscle pain

After any physical activity, we feel fatigue, and sometimes pain, burning in the muscles. This reaction is considered completely normal if you first came to the gym, resumed training after a long break, or simply lead an inactive lifestyle.

One of the great ways to recover from heavy loads and get rid of unpleasant sensations is training with a massage roller. The top trainer of the CrocusFitness network of fitness centers, a specialist in rehabilitation fitness Alena Frolova explains why muscle pain occurs after workouts, why self-massage is useful and how to choose the right massage roller.

Why Do your muscles ache after exercise?

In the first few days after an intense workout, you may experience muscle soreness - muscle pain. It appears due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. This is a natural result of the processes taking place in an actively working muscle.

Massage roller: how to get rid of muscle pain


The areas of micro-compaction - damage in muscle fibers - are most affected by lactic acid. Such a cluster is called a trigger point - it turns out to be the source of painful sensations.

Massage roller: how to get rid of muscle pain

Tomorrow it will hurt: why Do your muscles hurt after training?

What is the reason for the appearance of muscle pain on the second day after intense training? How to avoid this?

How to get rid of muscle pain?

Eliminating pain in trigger points is an integral part of progress. Moreover, no matter what tasks you set for yourself during training: increasing muscle mass, strength or endurance. It is impossible to get rid of pain in the usual way, such as stretching or cardio. When stretching, the effect on the muscle fiber occurs in areas without seals and does not affect the trigger. And intense cardio workouts stimulate circulation. They flush out lactic acid and reduce the level of burning in the muscle, but they do not eliminate indurations or relieve trigger point spasms.

The only solution in this situation is mechanical action, namely massage. Few people manage to visit a massage therapist after every workout or hard working day. In addition, it is simply not the most financially available option. Therefore, massage rollers are the best way to relax trigger points and restore fascia.

The process of working with them is called myofascial relaxation. With the help of it, we act not only on muscle groups, but also on myofascia - inextricably linked structures of muscle tissue and the accompanying connective tissue web. Myofascia are very well supplied with nerves and blood, so when working youyou feel how much this or that part of the body needs to be restored.

Massage roller: how to get rid of muscle pain

Rest, which is indispensable. Why do you need recovery training?

Whatever the goal, you are unlikely to achieve the desired result without it.

The benefits of massage roller training

It may surprise you, but myofascial release - roller-skating - produces amazing results at different levels. Not only on the physical, but also on the mental and aesthetic. Massage Roller Classes:

  • minimize the risk of pain;
  • relieve muscle pain after exercise;
  • stimulate the production of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity;
  • increase blood and lymph flow;
  • prevent injury and painful muscle strain;
  • accelerate the body's regeneration process;
  • reduce stress.

The roller perfectly complements recovery exercises after a regular workout. Its biggest advantage is that you can use it every day, at any time, without the help of other people.

Massage roller: how to get rid of muscle pain

Lymphatic drainage massage: minus 5 cm at the waist in 2 sessions. Is it real?

We expel excess fluid from the body without training and dieting.

Who is training with a massage roller?

Self-massage is suitable for people of any age and gender. Roller lessons are recommended for both professional athletes and people who simply want to improve physical performance and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes self-massage is recommended for girls in certain trimesters of pregnancy. In addition, training with a massage roller will help you achieve a perfect figure with a lymphatic drainage effect and reduce puffiness. They are also able to restore muscle tone after injury.

Massage roller: how to get rid of muscle pain


Contraindications to self-massage

As with any workout, there are contraindications to exercising with a massage roller. Self-massage should not be included in your training plan if you have:

  • there are inflammatory processes and injuries that take a certain time to recover;
  • damaged skin;
  • chronic diseases occur in the acute period;
  • fasting alcoholic state: in this case, the pressure in the vessels changes;
  • varicose veins: it is contraindicated to massage those areas where the nodes are already visible.

It is important for pregnant girls and the elderly to practice only under the close supervision of a specialist.

Massage roller: how to get rid of muscle pain

Massage that will reduce your forms. You just lie there and lose weight

It will be much more enjoyable than a grueling workout. We promise.

How to choose forAm I myself a suitable massage roller?

Currently, the variety of massage rollers is amazing. They vary in size, color, texture, hardness, and price. Choosing the right roller depends primarily on your muscle tone and pain threshold.

We warn you that the massage will not be immediately pleasant, since during the first workout the roller must cope with very tense and sore muscles. Therefore, for the initial exercises, it is best to purchase a soft and smooth roller, which will gradually accustom the body to self-massage. After using the soft roller for a long time, you can move on to a harder version with bumps that stimulate the deep parts of the muscles.

In addition to rollers, there are a lot of balls, cylinders of different stiffness to work out certain zones and body parts. You can use any recovery option. But before embarking on independent training, it is important to learn the correct technique with a specialist trainer. After all, our main task is not to harm.

Massage roller: how to get rid of muscle pain

Relieve tension: massage roller against back pain

Home Pilates. Get rid of back pain with massage roller training.

Using a Muscle Roller Stick to Relieve Tight or Sore Muscles - Ask Doctor Jo

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