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Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

Martin Ford is a man of great talents: an athlete, businessman and actor. In the movies, he is remembered for his roles as bad guys Untouchable 4, Final Score, Kingsman 2: The Golden Ring. And on Instagram, where he has more than 2 million subscribers, Ford is known as an outstanding bodybuilder. Although he has always been tall, he did not immediately acquire such an impressive size.

Martin was born and raised in the UK. In the early 2000s, when he was 18, he started playing cricket professionally - he was going to build a sports career. But an unfortunate injury canceled all plans. Ford began a prolonged depression, during which he lost a lot of weight. It was then, in order to distract from sad thoughts, the future bodybuilder became seriously interested in fitness. Over the next 10-15 years, he tried everything from classic powerlifting to martial arts like sambo. Now he is known not only in the UK, but all over the world for his outstanding physical data.

Now Ford is 37 years old, his height is 2.03 m, and his weight is about 145 kg, and this is not the biggest numeral. As Martin himself said, he has departed from his extreme conditions. His real passion has always been cinema, and now he pays all attention to this: in 2018, Ford starred in 7 films, and recently signed a contract with HBO to shoot the TV series The Nevers. All his free time from training and performing tricks, Martin, of course, devotes to his family. Together with his wife Sasha, they are raising two daughters.

We managed to meet with the actor in Moscow and talk about his incredible transformation, his career in cinema and how important it is to maintain balance in all spheres of life.

Training: the only goal in the gym is to have fun

- Martin, tell us how often do you train? How many times a week?

- I try to do weights 3-4 times a week, at least during filming. And when they're not, I add more cardio and stretching exercises. As I got older, I began to realize more how important it is to recover from exercise. Therefore, now 2-3 times a week I go to massage, take ice baths, go to the sauna, to the jacuzzi, and do yoga. When I was younger, recovery did not play such a big role, but now it is a priority for me. Therefore, when I have time, I try to devote it specifically to rest from intense exertion.

I think the first ten years I was guided only by passion. I achieved results because I was obsessed with fitness and exercise. But with this approach - it doesn't matter whether it's sports or something else - if you constantly give your best, you will definitely burn out.

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

And I had this, several times I burned out, just because I tried too hard. Now I'm bolher consciously approach to sports. You need to understand that you are training not for the sake of training, but for a specific result. I even have a motto: If you can’t gain, don’t train (If you can’t gain, don’t train). In other words, if you are exercising and you are not making progress, then perhaps you are exercising too much. In such a situation, you need to take a step back and make sure that training is beneficial.

- Looking at your old photos, it is impossible to believe that this is the same person. What inspired you for such a radical transformation?

- I don’t think there was something specific or someone. It happened by itself. I have always been an athletic child, I liked to compete. At first, there was probably a need for competitions. Why classes in the gym? Probably because you don't have to rely on other people here: you just go and train, everything depends only on you.

- Did you set a specific goal for yourself?

- I wanted to become a professional sportsman, cricketer. And then ... I never wanted to be a bodybuilder. I just like weight training, I like the concept of challenging myself. So my only goal in the gym after I quit playing cricket is to just have fun.

- But you are clearly watching your proportions and weight. What do you pay more attention to in keeping in shape?

- For me personally, nutrition plays a huge role, because I had big problems with it. A year and a half ago I had to have an operation. Due to another operation that I had as a child, a blockage formed in the intestine, and part of it had to be removed. Therefore, now I am very carefully watching what I eat. Not that I had eaten the wrong food before, but after the operation I had to completely revise the diet. But I will not detract from the importance of training. Because without the right loads it is impossible to achieve results. For example, as an actor, I need to be fast, strong, dynamic. Therefore, I abandoned classic bodybuilding in favor of a complex variety of workouts. So nutrition and sports are equally important to me.

- Many athletes come up with special rituals before training. Do you have such?

- Yes. In general, I like my routine, and for me it is to be involved. On the way to training, I turn on special music in the car and think about what I will do in the gym. I usually pick one exercise that I focus on and concentrate on along the way. As if mentally preparing for the stress. I think many people underestimate the importance of mental attitude in fitness. People come to the gym and drop out of the first 30 minutes of training because their thoughts are busy with something else.
In sports I use the same approach as in the movies: I evoke emotions that will spur me on, help me. For example, if I need to be angry, I try to remember what it feels like to be really angry. Sometimes you need to lose your temper and in the hall, the main thingf - to leave all the anger in training and not carry it outside the simulator.

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

- What exercises are in the top 5 of your favorites?

- It's easy: push and jerk barbell, deadlift, army press, bench exercises , leg press.

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

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- Once you and your wife even trained together. How did you come to such a tandem?

- We did not train together, I trained her myself. Sasha just wanted to try fitness, and I invited her to go to the gym. Since then, we have not worked together anymore (laughs).

Recovery: they told me to rest for four months, and I started to exercise in four weeks

- After the operation, I probably had to temporarily refuse from training and regimen. How did you deal with this limitation?

- Actually, I was in too much rush and returned to training early. I was advised to rest for about four months, and I started practicing after four weeks. Of course this is bad. But anyone who loves fitness as much as I do will understand. You can't just take and not train for six months - you try to return as soon as possible.

The first 3-4 weeks after the operation, I was not eager to fight but only because I felt too bad. I remember I couldn't even get out of bed, so there was no question of training. I tried to distract myself somehow. I have two small children and they did a great job with it. Plus, I spent more time on business - I manage several cases. In general, I redirected my energy and time in a different direction.

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

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- How did you get back to workloads?

- Of course, I could not immediately return to my usual training. I started to exercise on simulators, tried not to overload myself: no big weights, excessive repetitions, only basic loads. Beginner level, I would say. In general, I tried to listen to the body. Better to train and recover a little than to lie idle.

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

- Has the incident somehow influenced your attitude towards life in general?

- I don't think so. I've always had a certain balance. Even before the operation, I looked at things soundly, down to earth and prioritized family.

- What is your priority now?

- I am a very family person ... And although I love cinema and fitness, if I was forced to choose, I would choose a family. Family always comes first for me.

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

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Cinema: I became an actor thanks to fitness

- Moving away from the topic of recovery, let's talk about cinema. Why did you decide to become an actor?

- I always dreamed of acting in films. To date, I have already played in several films, and recently signed a contract to shoot in the American TV series The Nevers from HBO. In general, I definitely see myself in the film industry. And I became an actor thanks to fitness , he gave me great opportunities. Now all my training is role-oriented.

- Did you have to train additionally for some roles?

- Honestly speaking, it is for everyone, one way or another. Each role requires a special approach to the training process. For example, for the last film in which I filmed, army training and a lot of MMA activities were needed. But there are also roles where I just have to be huge, like in Vikings, for example. In such cases, I pay more attention to classic powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

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Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

- Who would you like to play in the future?

- I'm just Now I am negotiating about a movie in which I want to play an inveterate bandit. It's always fun. In general, I don’t want - and I don’t need - to deviate from my image. I like playing bad guys, it's interesting. I just would like to play a character who is a little more involved in the plot emotionally, and not just kills everyone right and left. So now I'm trying to move in this direction and think carefully about each next role. I want to gain a foothold in the industry as a real professional, and not an actor of one role.

- How do you manage to combine film career and sports? After all, both take a lot of time.

- Cinema takes a lot of time when the filming process is in progress. But when everything is ready, you are free like a bird. Of course, training is very hard during filming. We were shooting a film this summer, and every working day started at 6 am and ended at 7-8 pm. Of course, I try to find a balance and plan everything carefully. If you organize your time correctly, you will have time for everything.

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

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Everyday life: I do not like public transport, I feel in a grip

- Do they interfere suchheroic sizes in real life, for example, in public transport?

- They really interfere! Every time I sit down somewhere, I feel like I'm in a vice. Everything seems too cramped and small. Now I have become a little smaller, and when I was at my maximum weight ... In general, I do not really dislike public transport - I just prefer to travel by car (laughs).

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

- Once you wanted to gain the maximum possible weight. Have you given up on this idea now?

- Yes, once I was just huge, and then it was great. But now I understand how important it is to know when to stop. Of course, I can swing up to 500 pounds (about 226 kg - approx. Championship), but what is the point if I can not move normally and play a movie?

So I changed my approach. Now I'm trying to find a balance where I can be big enough, but still be able to fight, do tricks and do whatever is required on set. I have seen what health problems can arise from a critically large mass, and, to be honest, my past goal was quite selfish and even dangerous in the long run. It's great that I was once so big, but now it's time to think about yourself and move on to healthier workouts.

- You have written on your Instagram more than once that you should always set before a specific goal and go towards it. Do you have such a goal now? What is it?

- My goal is Hollywood: nothing more, nothing less. I want to play a movie. And this is my guideline for the next 5-10 years. I have already invested so much in this: both effort and time. Finally, it started to pay off: two major projects that I have been working on for the past couple of years are soon announced. And I think everyone who follows my story understands how much it means to me.

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva , Championship

- And finally - blitz! Life for sports or sports for life?

- Sports for life. You should always remember that fitness is something you do for fun, not because you have to.

- Cheat meal or a day without training?
- I'm not a big fan cheat meal, but in this case I will choose it because I would not want to miss the workout.

- Cardio or powerlifting?

- Powerlifting.

- Training with music or in silence?

- With music. Usually I train to some heavy rock metal, but in general anything loud and aggressive will do. I love Disturbed songs, Sandman performed by Metallica and stuff like that.

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

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- Books or movies?

- Films.

It is inMartin played them several times harsh Russian characters - match the image. But he came to Russia for the first time just now - to the international forum of healthy lifestyle and sports SN PRO . Tomorrow, November 9, he will perform at the opening of the festival, after which everyone will be able to communicate with him and take pictures. And the main thing is to get the same boost of energy that we have seized.

The detailed program of events can be viewed on the official SN PRO website, so as not to miss the chance to meet with Ford and see the result of long and hard training. p>

Martin Ford: I can swing up to £ 500, but what's the point?

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