Surviving on Pizza for 25 Years

Margarita on thick. Why pizza is becoming part of sports nutrition

Professional sports are always associated in the minds of people with a tough and structured lifestyle. Athletes should spend their day on a clear schedule and eat within the calorie limit. However, is everything true? A few days ago, information appeared in the media about what the players of the St. Petersburg football club Zenit eat after the matches. The teams bring from 20 to 30 pizzas to the dressing room, it must be Margarita. With our resident expert and wellness coach Andrey Semeshov , we discussed the beneficial properties of such nutrition.

Is it possible to eat pizza without harming the figure?

Zenith is not the only example when professional athletes eat pizza to recuperate their bodies. Of course, it is hard for ordinary people to imagine that this product can bring any benefit, and not just extra pounds. Most bodybuilders and even fitness models include it in their diet when preparing for a competition. Hockey and basketball players also do not stand aside. It is impossible not to notice that pizza has become one of the main products in modern sports.

Andrey: Why do they prefer pizza? Because they love to eat deliciously, like millions of those who do not even think about sports. The higher the class of the athlete, the more he is, of course, aware of nutritional science and everything around it. Or he has a staff of qualified nutritionists. Therefore, any professional athlete knows for sure that there is no need to demonize any particular food and dish. They get fat not from pizza, but from overeating. I like to cite the example of the American blogger Anthony Howard-Crowe , who was demonstratively losing weight by posting the results on his YouTube channel. He ate only two products - ice cream and whiskey. For a hundred days on such a diet, a man managed to get rid of the extra 15 kg.

Pizza is an excellent and tasty source of recovery after heavy exertion. In terms of composition, classic pizza options are quite balanced in terms of the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Why do Zenit players prefer Margarita?

It's hard to find a definite answer to this question. Perhaps because it is one of the lowest in calories. Its composition is very simple: Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and fresh basil. Everything harmful is in the cake. There is no meat and an abundance of various spices. It seems that it is quite difficult to recuperate with the help of Margarita. Then why does the management of the St. Petersburg team acquire it, without giving the players a choice?

Andrey: There can be a lot of reasons. Take, for example, the fact that in football, as far as I know, omens and superstitions are very common. It is possible that once the team administrator ordered such a pizza after laborthe next match, which the Petersburgers miraculously pulled out, although the forecasts were disappointing. Then a series of victories began. This is how the tradition of ordering pizza, and specifically Margarita, was born.

Another option - the team probably includes players with different eating habits, including those for religious reasons. Also, don't forget about vegetarians. Classic Margarita is flour, a little butter, vegetables and cheese. In general, a versatile product. Although fructorians, of course, not suitable.

Margarita on thick. Why pizza is becoming part of sports nutrition

Increase the degree. Is it possible to combine sports and alcohol?

We figured out whether alcohol interferes with losing weight, how good is beer and whether athletes drink it.

How to build a meal plan before a competition?

On the day of competition or matches, athletes live according to a different schedule. The food also changes, especially when the performances take place in the evening. We have to adjust to the schedule and prepare the body for serious stress. You need to choose the right diet in order to simultaneously saturate the body and replenish its strength, and at the same time not harm yourself. Many athletes, mostly hockey players and footballers, whose matches are often held in the evening, prefer a hearty lunch to a meal.
Our expert explained the reasons for this system.

Margarita on thick. Why pizza is becoming part of sports nutrition

Nutrition and training: what and how often to eat to see results?

Carbohydrates at night are ok, but you don't need to have a snack every two hours.

Andrey: I doubt very much that athletes enter the field, the ring or any sports arena with a full stomach. Here we are talking about individual physiology. Extreme sports loads are definitely a stress mode for the body, during which it needs to redistribute blood flow to working muscles. A full stomach also requires an increased blood supply. And this is an unnecessary conflict of interest. However, high-level athletes are already well aware of which diet is preferable to them. You just need to avoid fatty foods and not gorge yourself. For us mere mortals, a great strategy is to eat two to two and a half hours before exercising. Did not make it? You shouldn't train on an empty stomach. The shorter the time before class, the lighter the food should become.

If we talk about using, for example, the same bananas before or directly during sports, then I don't see the point at all. This leads to a burden on digestion, plus there is a need for the time it takes to digest the same carbohydrates. If you have such a need, then it is better to use special gels, like for marathon runners, for example. And you need glucose - in any pharmacy you can buy a couple for a pennyblisters and, if necessary, put under the tongue.

Margarita on thick. Why pizza is becoming part of sports nutrition

Intuitive nutrition. How to keep fit without dieting and calorie counting?

Eating what you want and not getting fat is real. Learn with an expert.

Margarita on thick. Why pizza is becoming part of sports nutrition

Why are we losing our diet and how to avoid it? The hunger strike is canceled

For those who at least once started losing weight on Monday and ended on Wednesday with a cake or fast food in their hands.

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