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Malkin: neither we nor the Czechs really needed a match for bronze at the World Cup

He recently returned to Moscow after the World Ice Hockey Championship, which brought our team bronze. A few hours later, he will fly to Miami to visit his family to celebrate his son's birthday. In life, as well as on ice, Evgeni Malkin rushes at a swift speed.

We managed to catch him before the next packing of his suitcase and talk about the psychologically difficult match for third place, not the most successful year in his career and those bright moments that give him strength. As long as there is a stick and ice, the family in the stands and the fans shouting Russia with anguish, there is no doubt that Malkin will show more.

Malkin: neither we nor the Czechs really needed a match for bronze at the World Cup

Photo: Alena Sakharova, Championship

- You just arrived in Moscow, and are you leaving again tomorrow? How much time do you spend on flights?

- I spend most of the year in America, almost nine months. But it’s not so long on flights, 5-6 hours a week, but in general it depends on the schedule.

- Spending so much time in America, do you manage to remain a Russian soul? Preserve some national traits?

- I think the Russian soul, character is what was passed on to us with genes, so it cannot go anywhere ( smiles ). I come to Moscow with pleasure in the summer, see my friends, and my parents fly to America. We really have everything a little different, especially food and humor.

- How important is the support of loved ones during the match? Looking for your wife in the stands with your eyes?

- I know where she sits, I'm looking of course. It is especially pleasant when she comes with her son. Parents, when they arrive, also sit next to them, so sometimes it is possible to find with a glance. There are different moments in life, including difficult ones, games are unsuccessful, so their support is the most important.

- If the match was unsuccessful, is it better not to approach you?

- Yes, in such moments it is better for me to spend some time alone with myself. When I played badly or when the game was completely unsuccessful, it is easier for me to be alone, to think about some moments, to comprehend everything. Because after the end of the match, there is still a lot of energy, you remain hot, you can even break out on loved ones. I know that I am quite quick-tempered, so I try to spend some time alone.

- Was it like this at this championship? How hard was it to rebuild for the bronze medal?

- In fact, it seems to me that it is necessary to change the format of the World Cup, because neither we nor the Czechs really needed this match for the bronze. It turns out that you lost the semifinals, you do not sleep because of this, you think, you are upset about how to tune in to another game. Moreover, the Czechs played at eight o'clock in the evening, it turns out that by the time they got to the hotel and had supper it was already at least ten, and the next day at three o'clock in the afternoon they already played for bronze. This is an insulting game, they also wanted to fight for gold for sure. So it turns out that the day goes byvery crumpled, tense, you can't even get ready for this match, you play on the machine.

- Couldn't switch?

- We were under a lot of pressure , of course, everyone was waiting for the final, gold. There are different games, different situations, but we were well aware of what was expected of us at this particular championship. When such a squad was assembled, we had to win. After an offensive defeat from Finland, even the coaching staff could not find the right words of support. It is clear that one should have won the last match, but this psychological disorder, it finished off. Nevertheless, we wanted to win, went out on the ice and tried to do our best. At such moments, you already try to turn off personal and just play.

Malkin: neither we nor the Czechs really needed a match for bronze at the World Cup

Photo: Alena Sakharova, Championship

- Have you heard our fans? Did it help?

- Of course I heard it, and it makes me happy, for example, there was very strong support during the game with Finland. Many Russian fans have always come to the last world championships, which I have attended, to any city. And naturally, when the whole stadium is screaming Russia, this cannot but charge you for success. Many thanks to them! They spend their money and nerves, they come to support the team. We also try to devote a little time to them: take pictures, sign if asked on the street, we try not to refuse.

- Always stop if asked?

- I try. Of course, there are moments when they come up before the game, or vice versa after a lost match. You have to understand that there is not always an opportunity. Sometimes you tune in to the game, or think about what happened during the match, so you refuse to those who fit, and people get upset about it. Don't be offended, it's just a human factor or fatigue.

- And we played jersey with your autograph for the fans during the World Cup, will you sign?

- What straight all 60? Well, let's give it a try ( smiles ).

- By the way, does the support from brands have any effect? For example, in your case it is Nivea Men.

- Well, they give a cream, the skin is always moisturized (laughs). Seriously, first of all, I want to say thank you to them for promoting a sports lifestyle, opening children's hockey grounds, this says a lot. After all, they are the main sponsors of the World Cup. They have great services to children's hockey, even if you take our record - the longest hockey combination in history, this is not a super achievement, but boys of different ages were attracted to this, and for them this is an important event in life. Believe me, they will remember this for a long time.

Malkin: neither we nor the Czechs really needed a match for bronze at the World Cup

Photo: Alena Sakharova, Championship

- How difficult is it after a series of victories not to stop at what has been achieved and not become proud, they say, look, how cool we are?

- I think that it comes to everyone with time, we need aboutlimited experience. It is important to remember that this does not happen so that one person constantly wins, hockey is so interesting. I won one year, lost the next. This year we lost, of course, I will not be conceited, but if I won, I would have walked with the crown, well, at least for a couple of days ( laughs ). They always lower their losses to the ground.

- During the World Cup matches, you often played for partners, missing the opportunity to score on your own. But after all, the player's performance is considered, among other things, by the goals scored, is it not a shame?

- Hockey is a team sport, somewhere I missed the opportunity to score on my own, but it's not just about goals, but also in the game, and in the end result. I think that both the coaching staff and the fans saw that I did the right thing in these situations and did everything to win. And so, in general, it turned out a little crumpled, unsuccessful year, but we are moving on.

- Our athletes celebrate their victories on a grand scale, how do you feel about this?

- Yes, in general, it's okay, here the guys won the Olympics, so I think it's okay, if they were fooled somewhere, they deserve it. The main thing is, despite all the awards, to remain a person with strangers, so that these jokes I am an Olympic champion, and who are you? did not go beyond the circle of friends.

Malkin: neither we nor the Czechs really needed a match for bronze at the World Cup

Photo: Alena Sakharova, Championship

- Can you remember what was the most productive year in your career?

- It must be 2009, when we won the first Stanley Cup, plus I won several individual awards. And also 2013, when we became world champions. Victories are very motivating. When you achieve some result, there is a huge confidence in your abilities, you get one step higher.

- Having a baby changed your attitude to the world, to sports?

- A very difficult question. Of course, it did, because I want him to be proud of his father. But thinking too much about it can hurt, especially if you think on the ice ( smiles ). I remember when he came to the first game, I really wanted to score for him, and only thought about that. In the end, because of this, I just got lost in the game. Of course, a child is the most important thing in my life, and this is an indescribable feeling.

- If your son wants to play hockey, support?

- It seems to me that he will follow this path: he already has everything connected with hockey, when I play, they turn on the TV for him, he is already watching, he understands everything. He came to games, to training, even running with a stick, trying on skates, a helmet. I don’t know if he will like to stand on the ice on skates, to fall, it’s not easy, but it must be endured. When I leave somewhere, I tell him: Dad is going to play hockey, during the World Cup he called him and said: Dad plays hockey. He hears it, and he postpones it. I don’t know what will happen next, but so far everything goes to the fact that he will follow in my footsteps.

- Could you become a coach for him?

- My dad was not my coach, but he helped me a lot and suggested, but never pressed, and it seems to me that the most important thing. I don't remember my father scolding me for anything related to hockey, but I remember that we spent a lot of time with him in training and he helped me. That was cool! It is important to be a support for your child. And let the trainings be conducted by those who understand this.

- What are your plans for the future?

- I will share my unsportsmanlike dream. Can? ( Smiling .) I want to build a house somewhere near Moscow, talk to experts and design exactly as I see it in my head, get a dog, move my parents so that there is a big family and everyone lives beside. Maybe I would even like more children.

Malkin: neither we nor the Czechs really needed a match for bronze at the World Cup

Photo: Alena Sakharova, Championship

- Where would you like to visit with your family when you have more free time?

- Yes, my first wish after I finish my career is to travel. I have visited few places, so I want, first of all, to Asia, Japan, China, India, to see their culture. View, compare. It seems to me that Japan is some kind of unique country, they are developing the most rapidly. Those who traveled say that everything is completely different there, they have their own cars, their own phones. There is also a desire to travel around Russia, fly to Baikal, Altai, somewhere where there is no civilization. There are many unique places on the planet that are worth seeing, and if there is such an opportunity, it’s foolish not to use it.

- When was the last time you were in your homeland, in Magnitogorsk?

- I was there last year, I was invited to the city day, but it happened literally for one day. I’ll tell you a secret: it’s better not even go there, because you haven’t seen many of them for many years, and if you haven’t seen each other, then you must definitely talk and have a drink (laughs). The last two years have really not had time, because we won a lot. But if there is an opportunity, if invited, then, of course, I am happy to fly for a few days.

- Do you manage to meet with the children who study at the academy?

- Unfortunately, there is no time yet, I would like to hold some kind of tournament for children, or organize a training camp. But it turns out that the season is over, I want to relax myself, and here I have to start training again. When there is more time, when my career is over, then maybe there will already be some projects with Nivea Men . We will instill in children a love of hockey! I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

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