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Make it to the end of the 2018 World Cup: 5 events where you are already waiting

Today we will talk about how to eat deliciously and at the same time get to know the country that will host the main football event in 4 years; where you can try to catch a wave and wake surf; watch the final of the street football tournament and buy a ticket to the largest fitness convention of this summer.

Get to know Qatar

This news, of course, is related to the World Cup, but here it is rather, it’s about getting to know the culture of another country. The next World Cup will be held in Qatar, a country that is not widely known about.

Make it to the end of the 2018 World Cup: 5 events where you are already waiting

Non-budget trip: how much does it cost to go to the 2022 World Cup to Qatar

In short, you need to start saving tomorrow.

Until July 15, you have an excellent opportunity to explore what the traditions of this Asian mysterious country are like: in Moscow's Gorky Park, you can see what Qatar is famous for and taste local food with invigorating coffee, to which it is customary to add dates.

Final of the international street football tournament

July 14 in a specially built for the coming weekend, the global final of the adidas Tango League international street football tournament will take place on the embankment of Gorky Park. 23 best young players from around the world, including Russian representative Anton Karpov, will take part in master classes, workshops and panna battles throughout the day.

The performances of foreign guests - the world's most famous football freestylers F2 and Sean Garnier - will add bright colors. Five finalists of the Tango League tournament, who will be determined by the total results achieved by the guys in Moscow over several days of various challenges, will fight in the final match with the current players of the international team Tango Squad FC. At the end of the match, the winners will be determined, who will become the new members of adidas Tango Squad FC.

Attend a wakeboard master class in Zavidovo

A windsurfing master class from Roxy will be held at the Aquatoria summer resort in Zavidova. Free classes will be held in the company of the famous freestyle woman Olga Raskina.

The lessons consist of theoretical and practical parts. At the same time, anyone with any level of training can participate in master classes. After the theory course, practice on the water will begin - beginners will learn how to make the first tacks, try turns and spins, and advanced ones will improve their freestyle elements and light wind freestyle techniques.

The next MC will be held on July 14, August 4 and 11. Lessons run from 11:00 to 16:00.

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Buy tickets to the best fitness convention of the summer

C 23 pon August 26, 2018, Crocus City, one of the largest and most modern venues in the world, will host the main fitness event of 2018 - Russian Fitness Fair, organized by the Crocus Fitness chain of fitness clubs and the Moscow Federation of Fitness Aerobics ... As part of the international fitness festival, programs will be presented for professionals in the sports and fitness industry and for all lovers of an active lifestyle.

The best Crocus City venues will host many master classes and workshops on the most modern and relevant fitness directions and trends. Master classes will be held by eminent Russian and international presenters.

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Go to the exhibition in the center. Lumiere Brothers

While preparations for big football and the arrival of foreign guests were going on throughout Russia, photographer Sergei Novikov decided to find out how grassroots football is doing in our country. Hundreds of non-professional football teams take part in the championships of their territories, republics and regions. Their matches are held with empty stands without camera flashes and do not attract sponsors too much.

Exhibition consists of photographs of soccer fields scattered across the country, group shots of amateur soccer teams from a wide variety of regions, and a Bey-and-Run web dock composed of footage of grassroots football found online. This weekend is the last for the exhibition. Student discount with ISIC card - 50%.

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Have a great weekend! Spend this time on the move.

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