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Main competitions in August. 9 opportunities to test yourself

You need to start a new life on Monday correctly. Sports, overcoming yourself and unusual locations are what you need. We have compiled another selection of competitions and opportunities to challenge yourself. Now it's up to you.

X-Waters Kama 2019

When : August 3-4
Where : river Kama, Perm
Distances : 1.5 km, 3 km, relay race 1.5 + 1.5 km

This is the first swim on the blue road of the Kama region. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes and sights. For example, the bank of the Kama River in front of Perm is very interesting. Here, on the left bank, there are rocks made of gypsum. Under the influence of water, unique natural gypsum sculptures are formed, and the Lunezh Mountains stretch between Dobryanka and Polaznaya.


St. Petersburg Semi Marathon Northern Capital

When: August 4
Where: Saint Petersburg
Distances : 21.1 km, 10 km

Despite the fact that registration the half marathon is already closed, an additional chance to get to it will appear on 2 and 3 August. Don't miss the opportunity to run through the most beautiful places in the Northern capital.

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Red Bull Dance Your Style

When : August 10
Where : VDNKh, Moscow

Russia will host the national final of the World Street Dance Championship for the first time. This is a one-on-one competition with no restrictions on genres, gender and age. And all this accompanied by incendiary world hits. Who rules the dance floor - the audience will decide, and the winner will go to represent Russia at the world final in Paris this fall.


MTC Squash Russian Open 2019

When: August 6-11
Where : National Squash Center, Moscow
Groups : PSA, M1, M2, M3, Beginners, W1, W2, W3

Registration for the largest squash tournament of this summer will close on August 1. Hurry up to apply and show everything that you are capable of. Both pros and beginners have an opportunity to take part.


Main competitions in August. 9 opportunities to test yourself

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X-Waters Saint Petersburg 2019

When : August 10-11
Where : St. Petersburg
Distances : Fortress - 2300 m, Double Fortress - 4600 m.

A chance to swim in the very heart of Petersburg and consider one of its main symbols from all sides.
Start and finish will take place on the main city beach with a panoramic view of the Palace Embankment, the Hermitage and the Spit of Vasilievsky Island. But most importantly, a serious challenge awaits you - the fight against the current in the Kronverkskiy Strait.

The decision remains with little: to take the Fortress or the Double Fortress?


Race Heroes

When : August 10-11

Where : Moscow, St. Petersburg

Superhero everyone has the ability tom we are one hundred percent confident. The main thing is to find them in time. The Race of Heroes provides such a chance not only to residents of the two capitals, but also to those who wish from the regions. Search for your city on the site.


Marathon Europe - Asia

When : August 11
Where : Yekaterinburg
Distances : 3 km, 10 km, 21 km, 42 km

You can run between the border of two parts of the world: Europe and Asia next week ... Do not forget to grab some souvenirs for your loved ones.


Luzhniki Half Marathon

When : August 18
Where : Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow
Distance: 21.1 km

Another race for the bravest. We do not argue that it is very important to prove to yourself and others the infinity of your possibilities. But, nevertheless, we kindly ask you to correctly calculate your strength. Additional registration will open on August 16-17.

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Ironstar Sprint Triathlon Kaliningrad 2019

When: August 16-18
Where : Kaliningrad
Distances : 0.75 km swimming, 20 km cycling, 5 km running.

IRONSTAR opens a window to Europe and conducts a new sea launch in its northern corner. They say that this city is not at all like the rest of Russia, which means that you can bring not only impressions, but also unusual photos.


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