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Mad Eurotrip: how to get from Rome to Amsterdam absolutely free?

Two weeks ago, 200 student teams from 60 countries embarked on the most extraordinary journey of their lives. In seven days, each of the teams had to reach their destination, Amsterdam, from one of the starting cities - Madrid, Budapest, Manchester, Rome or Stockholm.

The guys had no mobile communications and money with them - these are the rules. Their only currency was Red Bull banks. With the help of their exchange, they received everything they needed: tickets, food and even a night at the hotel. This year, Russia was represented by five teams at once. We talked with a member of the Novosibirsk team Siberian Team Sergey Gravchenko, and he revealed the most interesting details of the Eurotrip code-named Red Bull. Can you make it? .

- How did you decide on such a trip? Who was the initiator?

Sergey Gravchenko, captain of the Siberian Team: I was the initiator. Two years ago I learned that there is such a project. But at that moment he was a freshman and, so to speak, did not quite meet the requirements. Therefore, then I looked from the sidelines, admired, rejoiced for ours and for the fact that, in principle, there are such cool stories. And now, two years later, I was finally able to break loose and go into the unknown with my friends. I knew that I would definitely be able to come to an agreement with someone, I could survive without money and in conditions unusual for me, in general, I became mentally ready! All this led to the fact that, having seen the announcement of a new set at the end of last year, I realized that it was time. Now or never. This was my only chance. Then there was nothing left: to assemble a team. I needed to find two friends who would agree. First of all, Lera came to my mind, because she speaks excellent English and is learning Italian. All that remained was to convince her and warn her that this would be a way out of her comfort zone. With grief in half, I managed to do it. The third place was empty for a long time: the guys were afraid to participate. And on January 1, I realized that I had to act. As 12 o'clock struck, I went to the social network and flipped through the list of online friends. That's how I found Eric. He did not even think for a minute, immediately said: Let's go !. And here is our team here.

- During the preparation, you probably had doubts?

- Lera is responsible for doubts in our team. She even agreed under the pretext: we won't get through anyway, because there were too many applications. For some reason, I was absolutely sure at the time of preparation in the opposite. I decided that not many applications for participation will be submitted from Russia and we will definitely get to one of the five places. Later it turned out that there were a lot of applications, so we had to try. Therefore, it was necessary to go forward and not think about what would happen. Doubts away, as they say.

- Was there any approximate action plan?

- Almost not. We only knewthat our Lera dreams of visiting Italy, and planned to build a route through this country. At first there was information that we were starting in Budapest, but then we were moved to Rome. Therefore, Lerina's dream came true, and we were not chained to anything. There was no travel plan until the very start. An hour and a half before the start, we opened the map and started thinking. We looked about what to do in Europe, where to hitchhike - it turned out that we were still wrong.

- Where did you live and sleep? In general, was it difficult to find a place for the night?

- Living and sleeping is the most difficult question in our team. We solved the problem on a rolling basis, that is, in the evening when the hotel management left. But employees usually said that they could not make such a decision, and on the phone the bosses refused. The first night we got stuck at a gas station near Rome: no one picked up on the road, and the hotels around us were not allowed. Therefore, we slept in sleeping bags at the gas station. We slept several times at the train station, on benches in the park, in the bicycle parking near the checkpoint. We spent the last night illegally in the hostel. It was a joy.

- Have you hitchhiked most of the time?

- No, absolutely not. Our first movement was really hitchhiking. But Italians do not like this business at all, and hitchhiking is prohibited on the autobahns. In Bologna, we asked people to buy us train tickets and for this we gave them Red Bull banks. Later in Verona, one team said that it was possible to negotiate with the controller and go behind the bank. Why didn’t we think of it right away? So we drove from Verona to Munich, from Munich to Nuremberg, then to Cologne and to Aachen. Only then did we return to hitchhiking. It turns out that most of the journey was trainstop. In total, we would have spent 772 euros on trains, because we took the express trains and even once in first class. In my opinion, this is very cool.

- Is it generally difficult to negotiate with people to get a service for banks? How do they react to this ?

- No. Most often Red Bull was not even needed, they took it as a souvenir. We now adore Germany: we managed to do everything we wanted for the banks. We even did haircuts in a hairdresser.

- It's fun for people to take part in such a project too.

- Yes, they really like it. This was important to us. When people find out that there is such a project, they willingly help. Here Lera's knowledge of Italian helped us a lot.

- you had starve? Or did you always manage to find something?

- Never felt hungry. Maybe because they were always on the move and there was no time to think about food. We ate in cafes, bistros ... And one person even said to choose anything in the supermarket and paid for all purchases. At that moment we were the happiest in the world ( smiles ).

- There are such and such a minimum of things that are necessaryWhat to take with you?

- Everything is relative. During preparation, I read that you definitely need to take a sleeping bag, but the tent is unlikely to come in handy. Now I would still take a simple tent. Warm clothes and raincoats are naturally needed. Light snacks: bars and stew. You can take a minimum of clothes.

- Did you have any disputes in the team? Certainly there were some difficulties.

- We understood that there will be moments of conflict that cannot be avoided. You just have to endure. We didn't have any serious fights. Unless Lera often said that it would not work to come to an agreement, but we did. But that's okay.

- That's good. But still tired of each other?

- On the verge. Although, when we had two free days left in Amsterdam, we went for a walk together. So, apparently, they are not tired.

- Made new acquaintances in other countries? Do you keep in touch now?

- Yes, absolutely. In Rome, we met the Russians. They wrote to us, asked if we got there. We communicate with them now. We also made friends with other teams. Red Bull. Can you make it? - this is not rivalry, this is friendship. If we accidentally met with another team, then immediately ran up, hugged and told everything. They taught each other the language with the Brazilians, sang songs, danced and even arranged a rap battle. Now we are texting and often commenting on each other's photos on social networks.

- Have you had such travel experiences before?
- No, I never even thought about trying this. We are always waiting for something, but only now it occurred to me that you can travel without having a lot of money.

Life hacks:

  • Do not hitchhike in Italy and Switzerland.
  • People don't hit in the nose for demand. Don't be shy about asking and chatting.
  • Money is not the most important thing. You can agree on everything.
  • Don't forget to bring your raincoats and sleeping bags. It's really important.
  • Be resourceful and open to new places.

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