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Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Better Post-Workout Recovery

We are accustomed to the fact that after a good workout we must have something to hurt, otherwise it’s not even solid, as if we didn’t do it at full strength. In fact, in order for our body and our muscles to develop harmoniously, it is necessary not only to squeeze the maximum out of ourselves in the evening strength or cardio, but also to pay due attention to recovery. Someone likes to spend time in the pool, someone goes to a hammam or a bath on their “free day” - all this has a beneficial effect on well-being, on the tone and health of the skin, the body as a whole. Massage is one of the most effective methods of restoring our muscles after exercise. Today we will talk about one of its varieties - lymphatic drainage massage, techniques and techniques that will allow you to perform it yourself at home.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Better Post-Workout Recovery


What is lymphatic drainage massage?

The technology of such massage was developed in the middle of the last century. Initially, it was used to relieve edema in the postoperative period. Over time, lymphatic drainage massage has become very popular in cosmetology and sports medicine as one of the most effective methods for recovery after high-load workouts and for rehabilitation after injuries.

The effect of lymphatic drainage massage

Speaking of on the aesthetic function, then lymphatic drainage massage is your ideal assistant if the primary goal with which you came to the gym is weight loss. This type of massage enhances lymph flow and promotes the rapid removal of excess fluid from the body. The result, which will not be long in coming, is a weight loss of 1-2 kg. Longer use of lymphatic drainage massage, coupled with intense workouts in the gym, will help remove stretch marks, get rid of cellulite and varicose veins, which means healthier skin inside and out.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Better Post-Workout Recovery


In addition, in order to improve the body, lymphatic drainage massage is widely used to increase immunity, improve psycho-emotional state, treat stress, relieve internal stress, treat lymph flow disorders eliminating excess intercellular fluid. Lymphatic drainage massage is a natural method of slowing down the aging process in the body.

Lymphatic drainage massage techniques

There are several types of lymphatic drainage massage. Their separation is based on various execution techniques: manual and hardware.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage
is performed with the method of gentle gentle pressure and sliding along the lymph flow line on the body using special massage mixtures.

The main directions of the lines of lymph flow are as follows:
● from the neck towards the chest;
● from wrists to shoulders;
● from the abdomen and legs towards the hip joints.

Tip : by itselfthe procedure should always be started by warming up the area of ​​the body, on which the massage will then be performed. First, you need to carry out a series of strokes, moving along the lymph flow. The masseur performs several movements in one area, then moves his hands a little further - and this is how he works the entire area. Only after the body is sufficiently warmed up can a more active massage begin.

Main lymph nodes:

● under the lower jaw;
● lateral surfaces of the neck;
● in the armpit area;
● lines of the elbows;
● the center of the chest.

There are other lymph nodes, but these are the most important. They are the ones involved in the lymphatic drainage procedure.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Better Post-Workout Recovery

Manual massage technique is very energy-consuming and difficult because it is necessary to study well the human lymphatic system in order to your efforts have yielded visible and tangible results. If you want to try and understand the technique of performing such a massage, we recommend that you visit at least one session of a professional specialist.

Hardware lymphatic drainage massage

Hardware lymphatic drainage massage is much easier to use. In addition, at the moment, a large number of developments have appeared - devices that allow massage at home. All you need is just a little free time. Together with our colleagues, experts from the Clubsante company, we managed to understand in a little more detail what kind of instrumental lymphatic drainage massage is and how it can help athletes recover after training.

Let's start with what is the most popular kind of hardware lymphatic drainage massage is pressotherapy. Pressotherapy is the effect of compressed air on certain parts of the body. Most often this technique is used to reduce the volume of the arms, hips and legs, as well as to reduce the load on the muscles, recovery after training.

Research has proven that pressotherapy accelerates the recovery process of the body 60%.

This hardware method requires special hardware. During pressotherapy, the person wears a suit that resembles a giant pressure cuff. We tested one of the novelties in the field of apparatus lymphatic drainage massage. The device itself has three modes and three removable cuffs (for the legs, for the press and for the arms).

А - massage mode, pumping the cameras from bottom to top along one chamber, the mode is designed for treatment of venous diseases, soft tissue massage, volume reduction and improvement of blood circulation;
B - lymphatic drainage mode, pumping all chambers from bottom to top gradually one chamber at a time, the mode is designed to reduce puffiness, reduce cellulitecrusts, removing toxins from the body, reducing the volume and improving lymph flow;

Advice: when carrying out the procedure on the device at home, set the pressure: from 70-120 mm Hg. Time 20-30 minutes. If a person is athletic, not overweight, in order to prevent, start with the mode: A (massage) after 10 minutes - 15 minutes B (lymphatic drainage), after 2-3 procedures, switch on mode C (2 waves of lymphatic drainage, 1 wave of reverse massage: from above down), D full compression mode, the air in the chambers is pumped simultaneously, keeping all chambers in full compression mode, we recommend doing this mode after 5-6 procedures. You can choose modes for a specific problem, respectively, you can combine, for example: A + D, C + D.

C - lymphatic drainage mode, pumping all chambers gradually, one by one from bottom to top - two waves, one wave of massage from top to bottom, to reduce volumes, accelerate metabolic processes, improve blood flow (cold feet syndrome), with varicose veins.

D - full compression mode, cameras are pumped up at the same time and hold pressure for a minute, feeling of full squeeze. We recommend setting this mode at low pressure. To improve skin tone, elasticity, firmness, with spider veins.

Recommended duration of one procedure: from 30 minutes to 1 hour. 1-2 times a week. The course is 10-15 procedures. To recover from intense strength exercises in the gym, I usually used mode B. But here it is worth starting from my personal feelings first of all.

The big advantage of hardware lymphatic drainage massage, in my opinion, is its affordability and the ability to carry out procedures at home, not to be tied to the schedule of the massage parlor.

Results: lymphatic drainage massage for everyone

To : athletes, people leading an active lifestyle, girls who want to get in shape for the New Year, and those who monitor the health and tone of their skin.

How to choose : you need to make a choice between manual and hardware lymphatic drainage massage based on your personal preferences, financial and time capabilities. Consider the duration of the procedure and the very fact that in order to achieve a visually noticeable effect, you need to perform the procedure regularly (at least 2 times a week, optimally 2-3 times).

This is important : Check out the contraindications for the use of lymphatic drainage massage. Listen to your body, recovery procedures should bring exceptional joy and relaxation to your body.

How To Do a Lymphatic Drainage Massage At Home

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