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Low Start: Moscow Marathon Opens Registration for 2020 Race

October 31, the Moscow Marathon opens registration for the September race next year. Registration for an event has never started so early, almost a year before the upcoming event. This is an important moment for the Russian running community, which puts the Moscow Marathon on a par with the world's leading starts and allows runners to plan ahead for their races.

The Moscow Marathon is the largest race in Russia and the hallmark of the capital. In 2019, at the distances, it gathered about 30 thousand participants from 92 countries of the world. This race is not in vain that attracts the attention of a huge number of runners, because The Moscow Marathon is a whole set of privileges.

Distance to choose

You can always choose the mileage according to your own forces and run both 10 km and the classic 42.2 km. Winners and awardees are determined among women and men at each distance. In addition, absolutely all race participants, regardless of their result, receive commemorative medals.

A scenic route in the heart of the capital

The Moscow Marathon route annually includes 56 main streets of the capital. Participants can comfortably and without obstacles run along the embankments of the Moskva River, Garden and Boulevard rings, Krymsky Bridge, Tverskaya Street, Teatralny Proezd and even the streets under the Kremlin walls.

Low Start: Moscow Marathon Opens Registration for 2020 Race

Rain is not a hindrance to records: how was the Moscow Marathon-2018 passed

2000 foreign participants at the start, unpredictable weather and the largest running exhibition in Russia.

Support all the way

Even if you are going to run alone, you will definitely not be able to carry out your plans. Throughout the journey, the athletes are encouraged by a support group. These guys will make even the most gloomy participant not hang up.

Low Start: Moscow Marathon Opens Registration for 2020 Race

Photo: Press Service of the Moscow Marathon

Running excursion for foreign participants

Thanks to the route running through the key places of the city, the Moscow Marathon has attracted the attention of foreigners for several years in a row. For them, the race is both an opportunity to test their strength and a chance to see the main sights of the capital: the skyscrapers of Moscow City, the White House, four of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers, the Bolshoi Theater, the Polytechnic Museum, the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Low Start: Moscow Marathon Opens Registration for 2020 Race

Behind the start line: who is creating the Moscow Marathon?

Part of the team is part of the ship. Several marathon heroes about their contribution to the common cause.

Running holiday for the whole family

Every year, distances are selected not only for adult athletes, but also for young runners. They can compete in the racex at 400 and 800 meters. In addition, within the framework of the Moscow Marathon, a corporate relay race, a race on handbikes and sports wheelchairs are held.

Low Start: Moscow Marathon Opens Registration for 2020 Race

Photo: Press Service of the Moscow Marathon

New records

Due to the significance of the event, the strongest runners gather on the track of the Moscow Marathon. Each year, they strive to surpass the competition and improve their personal results. For example, at the start of 2019, the winner in the marathon distance was the Muscovite Iskander Yadgarov, who covered 42.2 km in 2 hours 18 minutes and 2 seconds. The marathon runner's performance is truly impressive.

Low Start: Moscow Marathon Opens Registration for 2020 Race

One day before the marathon: how to prepare to run the distance

Carbohydrate loading, power distribution, the right equipment - and other tips from an experienced runner.

Register and become a part of the largest running event in our country.

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