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Love in the language of football. The most romantic acts of sports stars

Football matches attract the attention of viewers from all over the world with the intensity of passion, rage, technicality and struggle until the last minute. Whole families often sit down in front of the TV screen and shout to their favorite team at full power: Forward !. But sometimes meetings between bitter rivals can turn into a real romantic plot. In our selection - a few stories when football, feelings and creativity merged together in the name of a great goal.

Luka Djordjevic's proposal on the football field

Montenegrin striker of football club Lokomotiv in early October made an offer to his girlfriend Jovana Baosic right at the Russian Railways Arena. Their love story began back in 2014, so it can be assumed that the romantic event was timed to coincide with the couple's small anniversary. In addition, Luka on his instagram often confessed his feelings for the future bride in front of subscribers. He has repeatedly stated that he misses his beloved, because Yovana rarely managed to come to Moscow.

The footballer approached the proposal with all responsibility, trying to turn this moment into a fairy tale. Many photographers were present at the stadium, romantic music was played. Luka Djordjevic hugged his beloved, knelt in front of her and asked the long-awaited question. Jovana Baosic, with tears of happiness in her eyes, answered yes.

Love in the language of football. The most romantic acts of sports stars

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Quest for Antoine Griezmann

Having a child is an important event in the life of future parents. Interestingly, many couples prefer not to know the gender of the future baby in order to keep the intrigue. The wife of the French striker of Barcelona Antoine Griezmann decided to be creative in communicating the gender of the child to her beloved husband.

She prepared a whole quest for the football player: two question marks were installed in the yard, and between them in the center of the football goal hung a target, into which Griezmann needed to hit the ball in order to find out the answer. Antoine coped with the task the first time, after which many blue balls flew out of the box behind the target, announcing the imminent birth of a boy. The Frenchman was incredibly happy.

Love in the language of football. The most romantic acts of sports stars

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Marriage proposal from Edouard Bello

Come to the match and support your loved one at an important game - dear worth it. And when the athlete's girl, sitting on the podium, suddenly becomes the center of attention, it is even more admirable. EdwardBello, a professional footballer from Venezuela, proposed to his girlfriend during a game between Antofagasta and Everton.

First, the athlete converted the moment and scored a goal into the opponent's goal. And immediately after, he quickly ran to the podium, where his girlfriend Gabriela Brito, a beach volleyball star, was. On the steps of the tribune, Bello knelt down and, with the support of fans and teammates, made a proposal to his beloved. Inspired by a positive response, Edward returned to the field to continue the match. Everyone was happy with such a performance performed by a football player, except for one person - the judge, who showed him a yellow card.

Love in the language of football. The most romantic acts of sports stars

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Musical surprise by Sergio Ramos

In June this year, the captain of the Spanish national team Sergio Ramos married his beloved Pilar Rubio. The wedding ceremony took place in the Seville Cathedral. Many stars of world football came to congratulate the newlyweds. Among them were Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Luka Modric and Gerard Piquet.

Couple Sergio and Pilar had been in a relationship for eight years: during this time, three sons appeared in the family. Of course, long-term relationships didn't always go smoothly. In several interviews, Rubio spoke about the football player's wild disposition and domestic conflicts. Of course, on the pitch Sergio Ramos seems like a hungry beast, ready to throw himself into a fight with any opponent, but outside of football he is a real romantic.

Once Ramos decided to surprise his beloved. During a live broadcast on one of the Spanish TV channels, where the girl was giving an interview, the athlete appeared with a guitar in his hands and sang a love song for her. Such an act moved Pilar to tears.

Command proposal from Anton Shkarin

Some people are sure that love is everyone's personal business. However, the player of the Russian national beach soccer team, Anton Shkarin, radically disagrees with this statement. In September 2013, our national team lost to the Spanish team with a score of 3: 5. After the final whistle, the Spanish footballers began to rejoice and dance in circles, while our athletes went to the stands.

Each footballer had a sign withletters. Lining up in the correct order, at the command of Anton Shkarin, the players raised their hands up. The puzzle is complete. The phrase appeared: Pankova, marry me. The fans in the stands were delighted with what they saw. The footballer's beloved went out onto the pitch to Anton and kissed his future spouse to applause.

Love in the language of football. The most romantic acts of sports stars

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