Losing weight Bortich and Emily Ratajkowski's cameo. 7 films about body positive and self-love

A perfect reflection in a mirror is not all that is needed for happiness. And sometimes real beauty cannot be accommodated in generally accepted standards. But who really sets the boundaries for us? The heroes of the films from this collection have proved: self-confidence, charisma and talent are the keys to success.

Pretty woman in full head

Country: USA, China
Year: 2018
Genre: Melodrama, Comedy

Rene Bennett works for a large cosmetics company. She knows everything about the world of beauty, fashion and visage, but does not consider herself a beauty. The girl suffers from self-doubt due to excess weight and signs up for a new weight loss program from a famous fitness coach.

During a workout, Rene falls off the simulator and bumps her head. Now the world seems to her different: in the mirror she sees a charming blonde with perfect shapes. The universe gave her the chance to feel skinny and succeed. And although in fact, the girl did not change at all outwardly, she gained faith in herself. And this power is even more stunning than beauty.

Losing weight Bortich and Emily Ratajkowski's cameo. 7 films about body positive and self-love

Why is body positive dangerous? The Downside of Popular Movement

Avoiding extremes is not easy. Not everyone can do it.


Country: UK, Canada
Year: 2007
Genre: Melodrama, Comedy, Musical

On a 60s-era US screen. Plump Tracy Turnblood dreams of performing in a dance TV show. Her classmates chuckle at her, but Tracey does not pay attention to other people's prejudices. She comes to the casting and amazes the producers with her talent and charisma. Now she is a rising star that the whole country is looking at.

Hairspray is a film adaptation of the 1988 musical of the same name, but with a new, absolutely stellar cast: Queen Latifah, Christopher Walken, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nikki Blonsky, Zach Efron and John Travolta as the main character's mother.

I'm losing weight

Country: Russia
Year: 2018
Genre: Comedy

I'm losing weight - a Russian comedy that set a record for the box office on the first day of the show. The heroine of Sasha Bortich, Anya, is abandoned by a young man: he is not satisfied with the girl's form. To return her beloved, she goes on a diet and just lives in the gym. And Anya also finds a weight loss partner, Kolya. The girl achieves her goal and loses 15 kilograms. However, it turns out that the main problems in her life are not at all related to being overweight.

An interesting fact: for the filming of the film, Bortich first gained weight, and afterlost weight inside the plot along with her heroine. Director Alexei Nuzhny and screenwriter Nikolai Kulikov also radically changed their appearance: they dropped 28 and 20 kilograms, respectively.

Losing weight Bortich and Emily Ratajkowski's cameo. 7 films about body positive and self-love

Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

Some had to regain their shape after fat roles, others trained for themselves.

200 pounds of beauty

Country: South Korea
Year: 2006
Genre: Comedy

Again a movie about a girl who dreams of becoming a TV star. Kang Han-na sings for the soundtrack of a famous but absolutely mediocre singer. But the girl herself wants to perform on stage. The producer refuses to frame her and demands that Kang lose weight. And the heroine chooses a rather radical way: she decides to undergo plastic surgery and a year later, completely different from herself, tries to conquer the stage. But will this bring her happiness?

The plot is based on the manga (manhwa) by Yumiko Suzuki The great success of Cannes. Love for fans of Korean culture.

Jodi (Dylda) Growth

Country: USA
Year: 2019
Genre: Comedy

You must have had a very tall girl at school. She was teased by Michael Jordan, the skyscraper, Stepa's uncle. I'm like her. I am 16 and my height is 185.5 centimeters. I'm a high school student who wears cross-country shoes in size 46, - at the very beginning says the main character of the film Jody. She was always complex because of her height and tried to be invisible. But now it's time to get out of the shell. Jody falls in love with a new student and it seems to be mutual. And most importantly, now she loves herself.

Losing weight Bortich and Emily Ratajkowski's cameo. 7 films about body positive and self-love

Young DiCaprio, Michael Jordan and Tupac. 7 movies about basketball that you must watch

Legendary films with the stars of sports and Hollywood. There is even a Russian film!

Little Miss Happiness

Country: USA
Year: 2006
Genre: Drama, Comedy

Little Olive wants more than anything to be the new Miss America when she grows up. She starts small: she participates in the Little Miss Happiness competition. However, preparing for it requires a lot of effort, because children's beauty contests are a difficult and not always honest business. And although Olive is not like the other members, no one can stop her from fighting for her dream. And how do you choose the most beautiful child out of several dozen little dolls?

During the filming, the setting was completely recreateda competition. All the participants and their parents are actually laureates of children's beauty competitions. The directors showed the most important thing: what usually happens behind the scenes.


Country: USA
Year: 2018
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Continuing the theme of beauty contests - a film from the creators of the dance hit Step forward. The main character, Willowdeen, is the daughter of the former queen of the state. Only she is not at all like her mother: the girl has been a donkey since childhood and did not dream of a sparkling crown at all. The only person who believed in her is her aunt, and her mother has always paid more attention to her own career.

To prove to everyone that real beauty should not fit into the generally accepted standards of 90-60-90, Willow is applying to the beauty contest. And other plus-size participants follow her to the casting.

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