How to Not Diet and Lose Weight Permanently in 2020

Lose weight in 10 days: is it realistic to get in shape for the New Year?

Expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov answers the top 10 questions that are relevant on New Year's Eve.

Lose weight in 10 days: is it realistic to get in shape for the New Year?


New Year is like a vacation by the sea. It is vital for everyone to be beautiful and slim, at least in the first photos and videos. For trainers in gyms, nutrition specialists, this is a hot time, when even those clients who will not be seen at other times are lining up. Of course, everyone has one task - to lose weight quickly and beautifully. The short answer to this question is known, I believe, even to those who ask it: Impossible !. But we are so made that we believe in miracles. And we are trying to find loopholes, workarounds.

In this article, we have collected the top 10 questions codenamed Lose weight in 10 days and will try to answer them in terms of logic, physiology and common sense. Spoiler alert: Something really can be done in such a short time.

How many kilos can I lose weight if I stop eating sweets?

Provided that there will be enough willpower and self-control in order not to replace sweets with any other calories (even if they are usually referred to as the most beneficial and useful ones), you can count on a certain slimming result. And if you add to the moratorium on sweets half an hour or an hour of walking before going to bed every evening until New Year's, then the arrows on the scales can show minus 1-2 kg.
But these figures are purely individual and depend on many parameters. For example, if we are talking about an initially difficult case, then the minus may be even greater. But the main thing is tough self-control. Replacing, for example, sneakers with durum wheat pasta is unlikely to meet your expectations. It is all about the overall reduction in calorie intake. Then the body will make up for the deficiency, including from its own fat reserves.

What type of training should you choose for urgent weight loss?

Regular, systematic and reasonable. But this does not go well with our mission - to lose weight before the chimes. Therefore, the choice in this situation should be given to those options that will lead to the expenditure of more calories. Few can withstand grueling workouts on a daily basis, especially if we are talking about those who are with sports all year round. So my advice is to just walk as much as possible. For example, take your lunch break plus an hour before bed. And so, I repeat, every day. If you have a subscription to the fitness center, you can also use it. For example, after two days, arrange full-body circuit training, when the muscles of the whole body are worked out in one lesson. The rest time between exercises can be shortened in order to increase the intensity and burn more calories. But watch your pulse and general well-being. Your body will definitely respond to violence - and then there is a risk of meeting the year of the pig in a hospital ward. And it is unlikely that you will be greatly comforted that among the patients you will be the most severesmart.

Will I be able to lose weight only through training?

No. The famous adage that abs cubes are made in the kitchen is ruthlessly accurate. Losing weight is, of course, a complex story, in which both training and increased everyday activity are important. However, nutrition is at least 80% of overall success.

How much water do you need to drink to lose a couple of pounds for the holidays?

To lose a couple of pounds, it’s more logical just not to drink. The less liquid comes in from the outside, the lighter you will become. True, this will greatly undermine your health. Most of the troubles, even deaths, in the world of fitness and bodybuilding are connected precisely with manipulating the water-salt balance. Therefore, just drink plain water as usual. There are no strict rules a la not less than three liters of water per day. These are the gimmicks of marketers who like to sell drinking water in half-liter bottles. Focus on the feeling of thirst and try not to clog it with tea, juices or other liquids. Clean water is always the best choice. And by the way, you can arrange express diagnostics. To do this, you have to look at the color of the urine. If it is light straw in color, almost transparent, most likely you are fine with your drinking regime. If it is dark, you should have a glass or two.

Lose weight in 10 days: is it realistic to get in shape for the New Year?

What is the best diet to go on so that the pounds go away quickly and do not return?

It's better not to go on diets. None. The key to good health and well-being is a rational and balanced diet that ensures the supply of all the necessary micro- and macro-nutrients. If there is a need to lose those extra pounds, just learn not to overeat and move more.
But I understand that such an answer will not suit anyone. And since there is a goal, then there must be an extreme miracle diet that will help. Choose the option that is easiest for you to support physically and mentally. Just remember that any diet will only be effective if it provides an energy deficit, that is, you eat fewer calories than you spend during the day. Mono-diets (conditionally, some variation of two glasses of kefir and half an apple) are guaranteed and promptly lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals. And with more or less long-term observance, they will ensure an appointment with doctors.

Will it be possible to lose weight if I completely eliminate carbohydrates?

If you simply completely eliminate carbohydrates and do not start eating more fat and protein, then, of course, you will lose weight. The basic principle of calorie reduction will work. Bonus Carbohydrate - Fast Weight Loss. But you can't delude yourself that you are losing weight so rapidly. Carbohydrates in our body are converted into glycogen, which also accumulates in the muscles. It is believed that 1 gram of glycogen holds 3 grams of water. You remove carbohydrates from food, the body eats up the supply from the muscles and unnecessary water is excreted. This is how a quick minus is provided on the scales. Wednesdayand deficiencies of carbohydrate-free diets - lethargy, weakness, especially in the early days, inhibition of reactions.

Will a gluten-free diet help?

It will not only help celiac patients, it will save their lives. For everyone else, giving up gluten will lead to weight loss only if you follow the principle of eating less - moving more.

How to lose weight quickly so that the skin also stays toned?

It depends on what is meant by the concept toned. The skin is not an organ that can contract. Muscle tissue is endowed with this property in our body. Healthy skin is a consequence of a proper and balanced diet, which contains all vitamins and minerals in sufficient proportions.

Lose weight in 10 days: is it realistic to get in shape for the New Year?


And if I eat only energy bars and protein drinks?

Those who have read this far will probably give the correct answer themselves - it all depends on the total calorie content. For example, a standard protein fitness bar is about 350-370 calories per hundred grams. For comparison, in sneakers it will be a little less than 500 Kcal. A serving of protein powder is 120-140 kcal. If you eat less calories from bars and shakes than you usually get with food, you will lose weight. Well, however, too.

In general, I like my body, but I need to remove a little from the stomach and sides. How to do it as soon as possible?

A plastic surgeon will give a competent answer, including the exact terms, taking into account the rehabilitation period.

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