10 Quick Tips to Lose Weight If You're Lazy

Lose weight by 66 kg. I ate fast food every day and couldn't stop

My name is Felicia Kesley, and I lost 145 pounds in a year and a half, - this is how a blogger from the United States begins his video story. And this, by the way, is almost 66 kilograms. The girl's story is not easy, but very revealing and motivating. We will tell in the first person what can provoke a sharp weight gain and how to repeat the feat of Felicia.

Where do those extra pounds come from?

I haven't always been fat. The jump in weight happened in high school when I experienced sexual abuse. I began to seize stress and those emotions that were inside me. This was the only way I felt comfortable.

My weight changed due to the fact that I changed myself. I just didn't feel happy anymore. Despite this, I picked up my future husband. Soon I became pregnant, and after the birth of my son, I just continued to gain weight. I quickly hit 137 kilograms, which was a huge shock to me.

What what to do next?

I knew I needed to change something. And not only for myself, but also for my son. Surgical intervention seemed to me the only correct solution. But in order for me to be admitted to the operation, it took proof of unsuccessful attempts to lose weight in other ways. Expecting failure, I joined the Weight Watches community. I wish I knew then how much it would change my life.

How can this help ?

I started with walking and simple exercise. It was not easy for me, so I did not study very intensively. However, for me it was already a great progress. Every day I forced myself and in the first week I lost 4 kg.

Of course, I had to monitor my diet, but I did not go on a diet. She gradually reduced the number of calories so that it would not become a lot of stress for the body.

Before Weight Watches I had no restrictions on food. I ate fast food almost every day and couldn't stop: ordering the biggest hamburger, the biggest fries and the biggest soda. I really didn't think or care about what I put into my body. The point-based program system made me think about what I was eating and it led to a complete lifestyle change.

I also introduced strength training with weights to my workouts, and I loved it so much that I got involved.
I cannot convey in words the feeling when you can finally completely wrap yourself in a towel after a shower. It was a big victory for me.

What other changes have occurred?

Another important change in lifestyle: not hfeel guilty about eating something that I thought was harmful. Earlier, on other diets, I would break off on one sweetness and continue to eat them (I already ruined my diet that day - why eat healthy food at all?). But WW taught me that one cupcake is not what got me 300 pounds and it won't stop my progress - I can enjoy treats without guilt and then get back on track.

What to eat?

I've found a thousand ways to make healthier versions of my favorite meals, which means that I the diet does not bore me and I always feel satisfied.

Here's what I usually eat during weight loss:

  • Breakfast: Protein coffee (two espresso served with protein shake) with fruit or Smartcake (gluten-free low-carb pie).
  • Lunch: eggs and turkey sausage or grilled cheese with whole grain bread.
  • Dinner: pizza dough made with low fat Greek yoghurt, light cheese and marinara sauce. Or sometimes a broccoli casserole with cauliflower rice.

Most important results

Balancing life with this new regimen was difficult, but I knew I had to do everything in my power to be successful - that meant attending weekly Weight Watches meetings.
My family doesn't live nearby, and my husband was often away from home because he served in the Marine Corps, so I had to rely on friends to watch over my son while I was at the gym or in meetings.

I am so grateful for the incredible support I have had throughout this process, it means a lot to me. It's clear that my loved ones worried about me because of my excess weight, and it's best to know that I made them proud.


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