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Lose weight and earn: how to exchange extra pounds for money

Today fitness is becoming an increasingly popular hobby and lifestyle. However, not everyone can gather courage, find motivation for themselves and really take care of themselves. In such cases, an additional reason not to postpone weight loss can be - unexpectedly - money. It turns out that you can lose weight with benefits not only for health, but also for your own wallet. We will tell you how you can get in shape and make money on it.

Win a fitness marathon

A couple of years ago, the so-called fitness marathons began to gain popularity in Russia. They are organized by fitness centers, sportswear brands, individual trainers and even bloggers. The conditions for marathons may be different, but the goal is the same - to put your body in order. Some are aimed at losing weight in general - they help you lose weight. Others are more narrowly specialized and focused, for example, on drying - creating a relief body. In most cases, marathon winners are rewarded from the prize pool. It, in turn, is formed from the fees that participants pay to get into the game. This amount can vary significantly depending on the organizers, the duration of the marathon and the conditions of participation.

Most fitness marathons involve a regular photo report. And one before-after collage will not work here. As a rule, participants should post a weekly or monthly (depending on the length of the marathon) photos of their progress or send them to the mentor.

Speaking of mentors. In some marathons - for example, in those that are organized by the coaches themselves - the participants are helped to lose weight, they are told how to do it correctly, and even are given mandatory tasks to take off. For example, by the end of the first week, the participant should do ten push-ups and confirm progress by submitting a video of the exercise. Those who do not cope with the task automatically drop out of the competition.

But they do not always work with the participants individually. In some marathons, organizers give general advice on losing weight, for example, they publish a nutrition program and a workout routine for a week. However, they do not interact with everyone personally.

Lose weight and earn: how to exchange extra pounds for money

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Lose weight with the application

Today many people fall asleep and wake up with smartphone in hand. It can help maintain water balance, count calories eaten, track sleep patterns and, as it turns out, make money on weight loss.

There are several applications that are ready to financially reward their users if they lose weight, achieve their goals, and stick to healthy lifestyle. Two main approaches can be distinguished:innovation (by analogy with a fitness marathon) and achievement of a personal goal.

Lose weight and earn: how to exchange extra pounds for money


One of the most popular competitive services that can be used all over the world is Dietbet. The name can be literally translated as a dietary controversy. In fact, this is what the application is about. The user can choose one of three directions: Kickstarter, Transformer or Continuing. The first option is suitable for those who want to start small. The goal of the program is to lose 4% of excess weight in 28 days. The transformer is designed for a longer period and a more serious result: minus 10% of the weight in six months. And the program for continuing students helps not to gain lost pounds: during the year, participants should not regain more than 2% of their weight and lose more than 4%. The prize fund is formed in the same way as in the marathon, and is divided among everyone who fulfilled the conditions of the program on time.

Lose weight and earn: how to exchange extra pounds for money

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Regardless of the program, Dietbet requires a photo report, and on the Transformer and Continuing destinations must be weighed every week. In order to exclude extreme and unhealthy attempts to lose weight at the very end, there are rules, and the program is divided into several rounds: the transformer - by 6, the continuation - by 12. So, in order to compete for the main prize in the direction of the Transformer, by the fifth round the participant must lose at least by 6%.

Another popular application is StickK. It helps users achieve goals, acquire good habits, and get rid of bad ones. StickK also uses money as a motivation, and here you can not only earn it, but also lose it (if you do not fulfill the terms of the agreement).

The user concludes an agreement with himself - in fact, he makes a promise to himself. For example, losing weight, maintaining a certain weight, or starting to eat right. You can choose one of the proposed goals (the most popular) or create a new one yourself and indicate the amount of the penalty for failure. You also need to decide how often the application will penalize: for example, every week, every day, or every month. Where to send the lost money, the user decides for himself: for charity, for the development of the application, or for any person (in the latter case, you will need to specify the requisites for the transfer).

To prevent people from harming their health, such applications always install their own kind of safety rules. For example, Dietbet indicates the maximum percentage of participants' weight that they can lose in one round (this indicator is different for each program). If the participant folds more, his disqualificationcited as it is regarded as a potential health risk.

Lose weight and earn: how to exchange extra pounds for money

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Argue with a friend

If digital and mass marathons are not about you, you can always argue with a friend the old fashioned way. Here the amount of the win will also completely depend on you, and the terms of the dispute are not limited by anything - agree on such a goal and term that you think is comfortable.

Lose weight and earn: how to exchange extra pounds for money


In October 2019 two Russian businessmen from Novosibirsk decided to follow this tactic - Ivan Luzanov and Alexander Dolgov . They are old friends who always wanted to get rid of excess weight: Luzanov, with a height of 183 cm, weighed 110 kg, and Dolgov, with a height of 205 cm, weighed 140 kg.

Friends decided to motivate themselves with money and argued for 100 thousand rubles: their the one who will lose more weight in two months will receive. As a bonus, you can also kick the loser. It is faster to achieve results if there is a specific incentive. Although it's not only about money, according to Alexander Dolgov, but also about the feeling of rivalry - you don't want to lose out of principle.

As Luzanov said, he has been losing weight for a long time, then gaining again, but cannot keep it is below 100 kg. And an argument with a friend is a great way to additionally motivate yourself.
The results of a man will let down at the end of December 2019. By this time they plan to lose 20 kg.

We decide to lose weight for various reasons. Someone is motivated by the sport itself, someone can easily convince themselves of the correctness and usefulness of such a lifestyle, and someone needs more weighty arguments to finally force themselves to start. For example, potential earnings or, conversely, a system of fines. In any case, the main thing is to know when to stop and to approach weight loss rationally: do everything gradually, do not arrange extreme overloads for the body and slowly but surely go towards your goal.

Lose weight and earn: how to exchange extra pounds for money

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