Why Gerard Butler Doesn't Get Many Movie Offers Anymore

Looks like a homeless person. What happened to Hollywood's top Spartan Gerard Butler

The Scottish actor Gerard Butler became world famous already in adulthood. He had an uncommon Hollywood road to stardom through Disney musicals and youth drama. But when this success came, Butler enjoyed it in full. And his role in the epic action movie 300 Spartans elevated him to the rank of Hollywood superstars.

A bearded Scottish man with a great sense of humor has fallen in love with fans around the world. And the female half of humanity could hardly restrain emotions, looking at the pumped-up body of the actor. However, then something went wrong, and Gerard ceased to be like himself. There was no trace of muscles left, weight problems were becoming more and more active. And the dumbbells in hand were replaced by a can of beer. What happened to the movie star and what is he doing now?

Looks like a homeless person. What happened to Hollywood's top Spartan Gerard Butler

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Butler's fitness nightmare

Gerard has starred in many iconic films, including Guy's Rock and Roller Richie, voted Best British Film of 2019. His career also included an excellent thriller Law Abiding Citizen and comedies The Naked Truth and The Bounty Hunter, where Jennifer Aniston herself became his partner.

But the main role of Butler is considered the character of the Spartan king Leonidas in 300 Spartans. The actor understood that in order to fully get used to the role, he must be in the best physical shape and in life. Gerard later admitted that preparing for filming was a real fitness nightmare for him.

300 sets

For the role, Butler did such hard training that they ended up almost squeezing all the juices out of him. Gerard first brought in Mark Twight, a famous climber and trainer who was completely crazy about his approach to classes. After training, Butler often felt sick, he was so emaciated. Twight gave him a set of 300 repetitions, which included pull-ups and push-ups, deadlifts, box jumping, kettlebell bench press, and a pendulum. And all 50 repetitions, which in total gave those same 300.

But also that was not all. Butler flipped truck tires, exercised on gymnastic rings, and ran over rough terrain. And in order to polish it all, in the end he also hired a bodybuilder from Venezuela, who made his body not only strong, but also beautiful. Gerard really didn't want to look like a pretentious actor who is filming in a cool film, and his beer belly sticks out.

Looks like a homeless person. What happened to Hollywood's top Spartan Gerard Butler

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Work is not wasted. Gerard was the real sex symbol of the film industry. The film was a great success, Butler established itself at the top of Hollywood, but there were still side effects. Exhausting training literally nearly ruined him. The actor was so overtrained that doctors advised him not to exercise for the next 8 months.

Looks like a homeless person. What happened to Hollywood's top Spartan Gerard Butler

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And such a sudden stop in training inevitably leads to weight gain and loss of muscle mass. Of course, after 300 Spartans, Gerard continued to act in quality films and was very good there. But overweight problems often returned. Given that Butler is not indifferent to alcohol and some illegal drugs, at times the actor looked completely sad. He looked like a homeless man, his fans wrote after the Scot was spotted on the street in an unsightly state.

In shape again?

Despite these metamorphoses in appearance, Butler continued to receive good offers for roles in Hollywood. Still, the crazy charisma took its toll. Confirmation of this - the main roles in the action films Hunt for Thieves and Fall of the Angel, where his partners were people like 50 cent and Morgan Freeman.

Gerard has lost a lot of weight recently. So much so that fans began to speculate on why this might have happened. The drug versions surfaced, but the actor himself denied all doubts, noting that he simply returned to good shape. And I want to believe that the main Spartan of Hollywood will give viewers a lot of great pictures with his participation.

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