L'One: in my case, basketball chose me, not I chose basketball

L'One: in my case, basketball chose me, not I chose basketball

Photo: Anton Ermakov, Championship

- Levan, hello! Tell me: why basketball?

- Hello! It seems to me that in this case, basketball chose me, and not I chose basketball. Together with the boys I was kicked out of the music lesson in the fifth grade. It was at that moment that my future coach walked around the offices, knocked on each of them and asked if there were any 85-87-year-old guys who wanted to play on the basketball team. He saw us in the corridor, came up and offered to enroll in the section. Thus, I first got into the junior group, and then after a few weeks I was assigned to the senior. This is how basketball chose me and since 1996 it hasn't let go (smiles) .

- What other sports have you ever played in your life?

- I had a very athletic childhood. I met my friends thanks to football in the yard. It so happened that I had the ball, but they did not have the ball. The standard story is (smiling) . We played football all the time, then played volleyball for school in competitions, and went in for track and field athletics. Yes, in principle, it seems to me that any sport was in one way or another, except for skiing, probably. Although, surprisingly, my mother is the champion of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in skiing. Even at one time, I was a little engaged in wrestling because of my father, at such an amateur level. We can say that almost all sports have touched me, except, probably, curling ... I have not played curling yet, but I think that if I try, he will be able to capture.

- What are the qualities in Did you bring up basketball?

- The most important thing is discipline. Because this is always the most difficult thing - to force yourself, get up, go, do. And he probably also taught that if you lose, it's not all over. Despite the fact that it is the final or not the final. If you lose, then you can always work on your mistakes and pump yourself up to become even better. By the way, getting even better - this also came to me from sports.

- How difficult is it for you to play in a team?

- There are no difficulties. I have been in team sports since childhood. In basketball, I have always played in the position of the number one breeder, so my main function was to provide the players with gears, and this by itself disposes to some kind of contacts during the game. And I have never been fixated on some selfish actions on the field. There is safety in numbers. Although Russell Westbrook would argue with me in this ...

- Does the behavior on the set reflect you in life?

- Probably not. In music and on stage I'm more selfish, I don't like to share, but in sports it's all completely different. Sport is also pleasant in that it is fundamentally different from ordinary life, that it can switch you as much as possible and throw you into a completely different environment. In basketball I am a team player, but on stage I am still used to being a soloist.

- How often do you train?

- Twice a week training. If it works, then somewhere betweenthis is how I try to get into the gym or run. If it turns out on Saturday, when there are no concerts, I go to train with Andrey Kirilenko's team.

L'One: in my case, basketball chose me, not I chose basketball

Photo: Anton Ermakov, Championship

- What is closer to you, streetball or basketball?

- Of course, basketball is closer to me. Especially when new sites with good parquet began to appear in Moscow. 5x5 is much more interesting to play.

- Can we say that you lead a healthy lifestyle?

- I will not beat myself in the chest, I am not a PP (correct food) or whatever it is called (smiles) . I eat whatever I want, I promote a healthy lifestyle, but I don't adhere to it when it comes to nutrition or drinking regimen. I don't see anything wrong with that. I'm not a professional athlete, I do this just for myself, for my own pleasure. I will not scold ordinary guys for the fact that they can afford to drink a bottle of beer after training or eat snickers, or just take a walk in good company. If you are not a professional, then a healthy lifestyle in food is everyone's personal business.

- You have a lot of tracks saturated with basketball terminology. What do they mean to you?

- I try to put a part of myself into each track. If we talk about sports tracks: I write something for which I could train myself when I was small and when I was professionally engaged. If I don't like the song myself, then most likely the athletes will not like it either (if it is a song on a sports theme). It's simple.

L'One: in my case, basketball chose me, not I chose basketball

Photo: Anton Ermakov, Championship

- Why don't you play professionally?

- I had injuries: a serious knee injury. Everything, in principle, started with a broken finger on his right hand, which was already a wake-up call. Now the left knee worries even more, so, perhaps, I will go to surgery soon. Well, I still think that the music won. I'm not a pro, but in any case, this does not prevent me from enjoying what I do and playing high for myself.

- How is sport present in your life, apart from training? Do you follow any matches?

- I follow every season of the National Basketball Association. Sometimes I go to CSKA matches, to the Euroleague. Whenever possible, I attend home matches of FC Lokomotiv, of which I am a fan. In general, sports and sports periodicals are always present in my life.

- What about running? Do you run in the morning?

- I used to have a trick: I ran in every new city. London, Frankfurt, Prague, St. Petersburg - this accompanied me both on vacation and on tour. This helped to get to know the city better, it's cool when it is completely empty, everything opens in a new perspective.

L'One: in my case, basketball chose me, not I chose basketball

Photo: Anton Ermakov, Championship

- If you could play with any basketball player of any era, who would it be?

- Maycl Jordan. Here, even without question, this is the person who brought me to basketball. This is my personal motivator.

- Do you have any phrase that motivates you?

- Yes, I think there are a lot of them. The most important, perhaps: Do what you love and love what you do. And there is one more phrase by Jordan, literally now I don’t remember, but something like: I lost so many matches, made so many shots in the last seconds and missed ... If you shorten it a little, you get: I lost so often , but used all his chances. This is important to me.

A selection of music for training from L'One. Top-3 tracks:

Rick Ross - Rich Is Gangsta

Drake & Future - Jumpman

Future - Mask Off

Carmelo Anthony - \

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