Buckingham Palace + London Marathon 2018 Finish Line Live

London Marathon 2018: how will we remember it?

The London Marathon is one of the most atmospheric and engaging events in the world of running. Start your journey in the fabulous and truly English district of Greenwich, finish near the legendary and world-famous Buckingham Palace, experience 42 unique kilometers and become even better, even stronger - it all sounds like a great running dream, like a great goal to strive for. .

In our material, we have collected the most atmospheric shots of this year, and also asked a few questions to a person who once already covered this distance, and this year visited the start and expo to exchange experience with colleagues, the director of the Moscow Marathon Dmitry Tarasov.

- How was the London Marathon for you as a spectator? Captured the atmosphere of the start?
- The London Marathon is one of six races in the World Marathon Majors series. Before London, we already went to the Big Six marathons: to Berlin and New York. Each race has its own character, and we really liked the atmosphere of the London Marathon.

Before In all, we got great pleasure from the feeling of belonging to one of the most significant starts in the world, we feel it even on the side of the route.
The central part of the route gathers a large number of spectators. People take to the streets early, find a seat along the course, put up folding chairs, take out posters and even snacks (not for runners - for themselves).

It's nice to see how big city residents react to runners regardless of gender, nationality, appearance, costume - everyone supports everyone.

A lot of support points from charitable foundations. I hope one day to see the same number of spectators at the Moscow Marathon.

- Did you manage to see the Queen at the finish line?
- The Queen was not at the finish line. She gave a start remotely from Windsor Castle. Live broadcast and screens in the launch town showed how she clicks on a button synchronized with the clock at the start.

On the day of the race, we ourselves were at the 21st and 35th kilometers mark. After, already at home, we watched the broadcast in the recording. Almost four hours, but how exciting! Here we were able to see in detail what was happening at the marathon, even put some frames on stop and looked.

- The finish of the London Marathon took place near Buckingham Palace, where do you think the finish of the Moscow Marathon can take place in a global perspective so that it is just as atmospheric?
- I think a finish with a comparable atmosphere could have passed on Red Square. But it's too early to talk about it now. We are proud of what we have already done. The route of our marathon runs through the very center of the capital - very few races in the world can boast of such a rich scenic route.

- Are there any interesting acquaintances or international experience that you will take on board this or next year?
- A special excursion was organized at the London Marathon for marathon leaders. We studied the nuances of the organization: we visited the start, finish and the distance itself; saw how all the services work and how many employees provide the work of each direction. The organization level is inspiring.

The cheat sheets for the different areas describe the most important points: schedule , instructions, diagrams, phone numbers and contacts of services, algorithms of action in different situations. We will follow suit and improve our staff briefing and reference materials.

- It was interesting to see how the work with elite athletes is organized. - We ourselves are developing in this direction. Now the strongest marathon runners of the country take part in the Marathon. We are waiting for the International Athletics Federation to lift the disqualification from the All-Russian Athletics Federation and we will again see foreign athletes at the start. This will increase competition and results.

- Each launch has its own vibe , if you could describe the London Marathon in three words, what would it be?
- Bright. Friendly. Professional. I want to return to this marathon, and not only for work. I had the experience of running the London Marathon in 2016 and would like to relive those emotions again.

London Marathon 2018: Meet the Celebrity Runners

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