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Lolita and Demi Moore are almost the same age, but the Hollywood star looks much younger

Demi Moore and Lolita Milyavskaya are some of the brightest stars of show business of the 90s and 2000s. Both love to shock the audience. True, Lolita did it on the stage, and Demi did it in the cinema. The film Striptease to this day remains the standard for showing female sexuality.

Actresses of almost the same age, Milyavskaya is only one year younger than Moore, but at the same time they look completely different. What is the reason?

Lolita and Demi Moore are almost the same age, but the Hollywood star looks much younger

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They are both 55 years old. But only one has abs.

Sports against depression

To act in films such as Striptease, you need to be in perfect shape. Demi is literally fitness addicted, she cannot imagine life without training. Moore admitted that one should not believe the Hollywood stars, who say that they eat burgers with chips every day and still brag about the cubes of the press, citing genetic characteristics. Demi is sure that for some reason these people are hiding the obvious fact: it's all about hard training.

In his youth, sports helped Moore overcome insecurity and depression. The actress had a difficult childhood. Mother and stepfather abused alcohol, and to abstract from this, Demi went in for sports. And he still can't stop! Before the birth of her second daughter, she arranged a six-hour mountain bike ride.

Lolita and Demi Moore are almost the same age, but the Hollywood star looks much younger

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Kickboxing and hard cardio

Top 10 ex-wife of Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher is still in great shape. She does kickboxing three times a week, and devotes three more days to yoga. And that's not including the rigorous cardio workout on the treadmill or outside. And for fun, the actress prefers swimming, cycling and rollerblading.

By the way, with Demi the famous fitness trainer Gregory Jujon-Roche works, who made a special program for the actress on a treadmill. The secret of success is that at first you need to run at a calm pace for several minutes, and then raise the incline of the simulator to the maximum level, and after another couple of minutes, return to the starting position. Then you can take a short break, and then master nine more such approaches.

And, of course, Demi doesn't forget about diet. For breakfast, she prefers vegetables and fruits, as well as scrambled eggs. The second breakfast consists exclusively of vegetables and legumes. Lunch - steamed fish or chickentsa with vegetables. For dinner, Moore likes spinach and rice with soy sauce. Drinks include water and mint tea. No sweet and starchy foods. If you really want, you can include honey or dried foods in the menu.

Lolita and Demi Moore are almost the same age, but the Hollywood star looks much younger

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I'm an alcoholic

Lolita Milyavskaya had a completely different approach to fitness and proper nutrition. The ex-wife of Alexander Tsekalo, with whom they lit up the Academy in a cabaret duet, always got everything from life. The incredibly shocking Lolita was the star of any event. In 2007, she received a TEFI for her talk show Lolita. No complexes. And a couple of years later she got married for the fifth time.

Two years ago in one of In an interview, the singer frankly admitted that she loves alcohol and sees nothing wrong with occasional glasses of whiskey. The same was true for smoking, as well as an attachment to tasty and sweet.

Lolita and Demi Moore are almost the same age, but the Hollywood star looks much younger

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Hello, new life!

However, a beautiful life has a price. Last year, Lolita revealed that she had problems with high blood pressure. The singer decided to quit bad habits, although sometimes she still broke loose and dabbled in brandy, choosing concert costumes. Which led to more disruptions in health.

Lolita is more popular than Hollywood star

I must say that lolita has been really looking great lately. Perhaps she still needs to work to achieve Demi Moore's indicators, but she is clearly on the right track. And it is important that Milyavskaya in Russian show business is currently one of the most demanded figures. She has almost twice as many Instagram followers as Moore, who is actually a Hollywood star and in theory should have a much wider audience.

But no, the Russian artist at 56 is at her peak of popularity. She is invited to all TV channels and shows on YouTube. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years the world will forget about Demi Moore and will talk exclusively about Lolita.

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