Live Stream Red Bull Roll The Dice

Don't miss the most exciting and unpredictable snowboarding contest of the year, which has been one of the most anticipated events of the Quiksilver New Star Camp for several years in a row.

The unique format of the event has already won the interest of not only avid snowboarding fans, but also of all gambling and not indifferent to spectacular sports people. Red Bull Roll The Dice is an interesting, entertaining, and most importantly, competition intriguing to the last second. One springboard, several dozen participants, absolutely equal conditions, no prepared tricks, no predictable results - it all depends on how the giant dice fall out! Let`s Roll the Dice!

According to the results of the preliminary stage, 16 strongest were determined, including the participant of the 2014 Olympics Alexei Sobolev and the champion of Russia - 2017 in half-pipe Nikita Avtaneev. Well, the best result in qualification was shown by the youngest participant of the tournament, 14-year-old Yaroslav Lenchevsky.

Avtaneev and Sobolev successfully passed the 1/8 and 1/4 finals stages, reached the semifinals and looked like the most obvious candidates for the decisive full-time battle, but an easy jump - indie with a rotation of 180 degrees, it was not Avtaneev who succeeded better, but Mark Teymurov from St. Petersburg. It was he who challenged Sobolev in the final battle to two wins.

The dice kindly gave the finalists two times with a free choice of rotation options, and both times Teymurov turned out to be slightly better than his more experienced opponent. The second time, the judges deliberated for a very long time, but still awarded the victory to Mark. 2017 Red Bull Roll the Dice Champion Belt Goes to St. Petersburg!

Roll the dice and stomp the trick!

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