Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series LIVE in Bilbao, Spain

Live: Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Finals 2019

Already today, in the largest Spanish city of Bilbao, the final stage of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series will take place, where divers from all over the world will fight for the title and the King of Kahekili trophy. Among the participants in the uncompromising struggle, you will see both experienced divers and new, but no less courageous athletes. In addition, in the final stage of the season, not only men, but also women will jump from the height of the picturesque La Salve Bridge for the first time.

High diving (or cliff diving) is a type of diving, which are truly breathtaking. Jumping into open water is performed from a great height, so not everyone can decide on such a competition.

Mandatory elements in cliff diving are a sheer rock and open water with a depth of 5 meters or more. The flight lasts three seconds. During this time, the athlete accelerates to 85 km / h. That is, the sensation of falling into the water is not pleasant. But this does not stop these guys.

The beginning of the Russian-language broadcast today, at 19:00 (Moscow time), duration - 90 minutes. The broadcast will open and will be available to all readers by the link .

Vadim Babeshkin will comment on the broadcast. The experienced aquablogger is also a Master of Sports in Diving and a European Champion in Cliff Diving. We are sure that Vadim will clearly explain all the nuances of the competition.

Live: Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Finals 2019

Reply to Egorov and Mikhashenk. Diving is more popular than Spartak and Zenit

Yes, diving. So far, by the number of subscribers on YouTube, but only so far. Think about it, non-football country.

Live: Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Finals 2019

Debriefing. Getting ready for the summer season

Learning to jump from the pier correctly together with the video blogger and President of the Federation of Diving in St. Petersburg Vadim Babeshkin.

REPLAY Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2019 | Dublin, Ireland

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