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Little Spider-Man. Arat Hosseini

The whole world learned about Arat Hosseini when he was one year old. The talented kid immediately received the nickname Little Spider-Man. In October, Arat turned four, and he already performs complex acrobatic stunts, which are often difficult to perform even for an adult. Of course, the boy's dad is always there to hedge his son if necessary.

Arat Hosseini was born in 2013 in Iran. The young athlete has started training since a year.

The video can be viewed on Arat's official page at “Instagram”.

The boy's father, Mohammed Hosseini, realized that his son was very talented when he was only three months old. Even then, Arat had strong hands. Once, returning from work, the baby's father put his finger in Arat's hand. A small child, firmly grabbing his father's finger, went up.

The video can be viewed on the official Arat's page on Instagram.

At seven months, Arat could already do somersaults. The parents decided that their son's talent needed to be developed. That is why, when the baby was one year old, Muhammad began to teach Arata gymnastics and acrobatics. Now Arat can do a handstand, jump from a height and maintain balance in difficult situations.

It's hard not to understand that a child has gymnastics abilities when he falls asleep at nine months like this:

Mohammed also created an Instagram account so that everyone would know about the talented child. And so it happened, the young acrobat was loved not only in his homeland, but throughout the world. Now Arat has almost a million subscribers on the social network.

The video can be viewed on the official Arat's page on Instagram.

The boy uses his abilities wisely. Thanks to his talent, all doors are open to him, even the doors of the refrigerator.

The video can be viewed at Arat's official page on Instagram.

The movements he performs were always more like acrobatic ones. The boy's father admits that he wants his son to become the best in acrobatics in the future and perform at the Olympic Games.

The video can be viewed on the official Arata page on Instagram.

Arat has already participated in two sports programs in China - World Genius and TV Program Under 10.

The video can be viewed on the official countriesItse Arata on Instagram.

The boy's father says that Arat learns very quickly. It usually takes him about 10 minutes to learn a new trick. When you need to record a video for social networks, the kid does everything with 1-2 takes.

The video can be viewed on Arat's official page on Instagram.

Arat's parents say that their son practices only 10-20 minutes every day. During training, he runs, does push-ups, squats. True, the treadmill is a bit long for him, but that certainly doesn't stop Little Spider-Man.

The video can be viewed on the official page of Arat on Instagram.

In addition to acrobatics, the kid enjoys boxing, swimming, football and even dancing.

The video can be viewed on Arat's official Instagram page.

We hope that Arat's parents' dream will come true, and Little Spider-Man can become a great athlete who competes at the Olympic Games.

Spiderman Kid Arat Hosseini | World's Strongest Gymnast Boy

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