Lipetsk ran a marathon for the first time. The city is reaching a new level

On October 13, the first large-scale running event, the Lipetsk Marathon, took place in Lipetsk. The city hospitably met almost 2000 participants from three countries and numerous parts of Russia. Runners were able to test their strengths at distances from 300 m to the classic 42.2 km and spend the day off actively, in the circle of like-minded people.

Distances of races

The Lipetsk Marathon has become a holiday for the whole family, because the distances were selected for participants of completely different ages and levels of training. Adults could choose the 3 km, 10 km, 21.1 km and 42.2 km trails for the hardiest. The children's starts included short runs of 300 m and 600 m.

Steel Marathon

The race got such a name for a reason. Lipetsk is the core of the largest Russian agglomeration with a specialization in the field of ferrous metallurgy. They say that the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant even gave the city a special specific smell.

Costume race

Before the start of the main start, the Lipetsk Marathon hosted a 300 m costume race. 100 runners, including both adults and children, demonstrated original outfits and received valuable prizes.

Lipetsk ran a marathon for the first time. The city is reaching a new level

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Route in the very center of Lipetsk

We hardly often get a chance to run safely and without obstacles through the picturesque city center ... The Lipetsk marathon gave the participants the opportunity not only to test their strength, but also to admire the main central streets - they were fenced in advance for the race.

The start-finish zone is located on Lenin-Cathedral Square. Further, the runners' path ran through Plekhanov, Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova, Kosmonavtov and Moskovskaya streets - the city's major highways.

Which of the stars was present at the Lipetsk Marathon?

Dmitry Guberniev became the leader of the marathon - the voice of Russian sports, familiar to everyone for many years. He did a warm-up before the start. Together with him, repeated world champion in biathlon Ivan Tcherezov, Olympic champion and honored football coach Alexander Borodyuk and famous commentator Alexander Bedarev appeared on the main stage. The invited guests showed together how to work all muscle groups before the start.

Dmitry Safronov was the headliner of the start race along with the rest of the participants. Dmitry is known in the world of sports as a professional long distance runner and bronze medalist of the European marathon championship. At the Lipetsk race, the athlete became the first in the half marathon distance, covering it in 1 hour 6 minutes 18 seconds.

Marathon winners and personal results

Winners and prize-winners marathon were determined in each category, depending on the length of the distance and the gender of the athlete.In the main start - the classic marathon - the best results among men were shown by Nikita Zinoviev (Lipetsk region, 02: 41.55), Sergey Ryzhankov (Belgorod region, 02: 46.08) and Timofey Kyun (Ryazan Region, 02: 49.31). Among women, the first to cross the finish line were Zhanna Matveeva (Moscow Region, 03: 34.53), Irina Kolesnikova (Belgorod Region, 03: 41.29) and Yulia Korsukova (Moscow, 03: 57.27).

You can view the rest of the results and see your own on the Russia Running website.

Lipetsk ran a marathon for the first time. The city is reaching a new level

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Lipetsk ran a marathon for the first time. The city is reaching a new level

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However, in the Lipetsk Marathon, winning first place is far from the main thing. The most important thing was to enjoy running and, possibly, set a personal best. For example, the governor of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov covered 10 km in 53 minutes 33 seconds and, it turns out, surpassed his best result by 5 minutes.

National Running Movement Event

The first Lipetsk Marathon was the beginning of an annual tradition. Thanks to the great interest from the participants and the excellent organization, the event was included in the calendar of the National Running Movement in Russia. This means that Lipetsk is gradually turning into a sports city and a venue for major events.

We believe that bright marathon starts in Lipetsk will be held year after year and mass running will become even more popular. And if you already wanted to take part in the next Lipetsk marathon, stay tuned and join!

Lipetsk ran a marathon for the first time. The city is reaching a new level

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Lipetsk ran a marathon for the first time. The city is reaching a new level

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