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Like a fish in water: what needs to be done to swim long and fast?

An ideal active day off for me began at a training session at the World Class Kuntsevo . Together with the Iron Babes by World Class team, we practiced correct swimming techniques to prepare for our first triathlon start. Swimming training is one of the most important stages in preparation for the triathlon race, namely the part that involves swimming in open water.

Like a fish in water: what needs to be done to swim long and fast?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva," Championship "

In our material, we have collected a selection of tips from the World Class coach, five-time IRONMAN Victoria Shubina , which will help you get started swim properly today.

Calm, only calm

Relax in the water, as with strong tension you can swim quickly, but definitely not for long.

Like a fish in water: what needs to be done to swim long and fast?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva,“ Championship ”

Swimming and aqua aerobics: fundamental differences

Your body must be on the surface of the water, otherwise it is not speed / sport swimming. (For information on how to achieve the correct body position in the water, read in our material. ) Aqua aerobics, by the way, is very useful, but fundamentally different in goals. In speed / sport swimming it is important to cover the distance faster and spend as little energy as possible, and in aqua aerobics it is important to spend as much energy as possible using the physical qualities of the water / its density.

Who is swimming for? Swimming will help strengthen the deep muscles of the back and abs, which is very important for the treatment and prevention of vertebral ailments. As soon as you enter the water, the vessels in the skin constrict - this is a reflex. But as soon as you come out of the pool, they immediately expand. It is very beneficial for the body. Due to this effect, not only the vessels are trained (hardening), but also high blood pressure decreases.

What can reduce your buoyancy?

Next, you need to work on the biomechanics / technical component: strength stroke and a relaxed, quick sweep of the arm over the water to minimize the decrease in buoyancy. A decrease in buoyancy can occur due to the failure of the opposite shoulder into the water, because of this, frictional force increases and the speed decreases.

Like a fish in water: what needs to be done to swim long and fast?

Photo : Polina Inozemtseva, “Championship”

Beginner's mistake

If you are not a highly qualified swimmer who feels better in water than on land, but the same guy / a girl who woke up in the morning when she was old enough and decided to do triathlon / swimming ... DO NOT pull a high elbow when carrying your hand over the water, this is unnatural for you.

Like a fish in water: what needs to be done to swim long and fast?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, “Championship”

In conclusion, in addition to useful tips that you can start using in practice today, I would like a storyAbout additional equipment for effective swimming training (much of this you can take absolutely free of charge in the pool):

- kolobashka - a convenient accessory for training upper body muscles and improving general technique swimming. Using it, the athlete can forget about the legs, and concentrate only on hand movements and breathing. Sometimes, in addition to the buckle, the legs are tied with a rubber ring to completely exclude leg movements;

Follow the schedule of the next swimming master classes on the page Victoria Shubina on Instagram . A master class led by a trainer is a great way to practice the technique and receive a series of instructions from a professional who will watch you from the side. These recommendations can form the basis for developing your training program.

- board - a flat rectangular device made of lightweight floating material used to teach swimming, improve swimming technique and train swimmers;

- short fins for the pool - are used to practice crawl techniques, in particular kicks, as they do not allow too sharp movements - the main mistake of swimmers.

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