Life goes on, Samburskaya sways

It's no secret for many that the popular TV presenter, star of the TV series Univer Nastasya Samburskaya has long established a strong alliance with sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Every day the actress shares with her multimillion audience on social networks with tips, pictures from their workouts and healthy recipes. And for those who missed it - a story about the principles of proper nutrition, which she adheres to in her diet, and the best statements about sports, nutrition and motivation from Nastasya's Instagram.

Booty - she will slide down sooner or later, don't let her go.

Great attention in your training the actress pays the process of pumping different zones. In her account, she often says that her program is divided into conditional cycles: day of legs, day of hands, etc. According to the assurances of experts, this approach to classes is one of the most effective. In his workouts, the star of the series Univer includes strength elements (doing exercises with additional weights), cardio load and stretching as a cool down.

I came home, got upset and let's eat. A weak woman ....

For those who want to keep up and get useful and interesting information about proper nutrition, we recommend subscribing to Nastasya's second account, completely dedicated to this topic.

The page is updated daily with photos of meals, the girl often tests various superfoods (chia, low-lactose milk, goji berries), detox programs and food delivery services. Right below the posts, Samburskaya shares dietary advice with her followers and even indicates the cost of products and the place where they can be found.

Nobody will see your great results if they hide under a layer of fat.

The environment greatly influences a person, if you want to become the best, you need to communicate with the best, with the strongest.

When you are with muscles, it is somehow calmer than when without them.
Dedicated fans have repeatedly noted that in her quest to become better, the actress very often conducts an open and ironic dialogue with her subscribers, and sometimes even responds to comments.

Looking for motivation to exercise? What is your motivation to go to the toilet?

I'm not claiming to be Batman, but no one can say they saw us in the same room at the same time.

About half a year ago, a heated controversy broke out on Samburskaya's instagram. The main subject of the dispute was the body of Nastasya herself. One part of the subscribers was absolutely sure that the girl was pumped, while the other was of the opinion that her body looked very beautiful and organic. It was at that moment that the actress created the hashtag # ShouldersKakUBatman, according to which you can still find many photos of a beautiful and embossed torso.

Nothing prevents you from being perfect, just work on yourself.

Someone is lucky with genetics, someone has to plow. I don't let go of the plow.

In her approach to life and sports, Nastasya Samburskaya never ceases to amaze the devoted fans of her work. Willpower and a great desire to become better day by day motivate her to go in for sports and inspire her multi-million audience for small daily feats.

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