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Life-giving power: 5 familiar liquids in an unusual perspective


When? Before, after and during your workout

By far the healthiest drink is water! Water is vital for us. It is a universal biological solvent in which most biochemical reactions take place. Adequate amount of water is necessary for adequate thermoregulation, normal functioning of the kidneys, cardiovascular and digestive systems. It supports our body's defenses and helps it get rid of harmful metabolic products.

Interesting fact

The norm of drinking water for a person is 30 ml per 1 kg of weight.

Physician, TV presenter Alexey Bezymyanny : You need to drink water. And not only when the thirst came, but in general, doing sports. In this case, the water should be drunk in glasses. It is not recommended to drink a large amount at once, otherwise it is a great burden on the kidneys and heart.

Life-giving power: 5 familiar liquids in an unusual perspective

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Tea and coffee

When? Before and after exercise.

Both tea and coffee are stimulating thanks to caffeine included in their composition. Caffeine has an invigorating effect, increases efficiency, slightly increases blood pressure and pulse. This is especially useful for hypotensive patients (people with low blood pressure). In addition, in addition to caffeine, tea and coffee contain a huge amount of useful biologically active substances with antioxidant activity, that is, they protect the cells of our body from damaging environmental factors and premature aging.

Interesting fact

There are many studies showing that drinking tea and coffee in moderation (up to 3 cups a day) significantly reduces the risk of developing diseases such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis and oncological diseases.

When to drink coffee or tea? Our expert, therapist, TV presenter Alexei Bezymyanny answers: It all depends on the pulse: both tea and coffee increase heart rate. If this is a professional athlete who exercises and controls his pulse, which is very important, then he knows the optimal heart rate range for his work. In this case, if the athlete drinks coffee and the pulse does not go to other intervals, then why not - one cup can be drunk before training. Although there is usually no obvious and urgent need for this.

Life-giving power: 5 familiar liquids in an unusual perspective

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Non-alcoholic beer

When? After training.

Non-alcoholic beer made from natural ingredients, without the addition of artificial flavors and colors, contains vitamins B1, B2 , PP and minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium. In addition, it is lower in calories than fruit juices, has a pleasant beer taste and contains almost no alcohol. Alcohol free beer is good atthirst fills and refreshes.

Life-giving power: 5 familiar liquids in an unusual perspective

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Physician , TV presenter Aleksey Bezymyanny : Among other things, non-alcoholic beer contains carbohydrates, making it a suitable drink to replenish energy after training. It is clear that not before playing sports and not during, but afterwards, you can drink non-alcoholic beer, it is ideal to do this in the so-called carbohydrate window (the estimated period is 35-40 minutes after intense physical activity).

Interesting fact:

There is an opinion that beer is a high-calorie product. Let's try to figure out if this is so? One can of non-alcoholic beer Baltika 0 (volume - 0.45 ml) contains only 158 kilocalories. Agree that if you consume non-alcoholic beer in reasonable quantities, then you can drink it without fear for your figure and health.

Non-alcoholic beer is suitable for those who want to gain weight. During the initial loading phase, you can include a soft drink in your diet. It is lower in calories than milk, soda, or fruit juice. Among other things, B vitamins help the body recover after exercise.


When? Before or after exercise.

All vitamins , minerals and other useful biologically active substances, as well as easily digestible sugars contained in vegetables, fruits and berries, remain in juices. Especially if it's freshly squeezed juices. And all useful substances from juices are absorbed as quickly as possible, since the body does not need to spend time and energy on their digestion. So if energy is needed urgently, here and now, a glass of freshly squeezed juice is a great solution. But do not forget that even in freshly squeezed juice, the amount of sugar is very high, and the fiber content, on the contrary, is minimal. In addition, most vitamins are destroyed by interaction with metal and air.

Life-giving power: 5 familiar liquids in an unusual perspective

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Milk and dairy products

When? Before training.

Milk contains complete, easily digestible protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, B1 , B2, B12, D, fats that promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, as well as milk sugar - lactose. This rich composition makes milk a very valuable food product. It should be noted that milk, especially whole milk, is a high-calorie product.

Interesting fact

One glass of milk can contain about 120-250 kcal. Because of such a rich composition, milk should be viewed as food rather than as a drink.

Physician, TV presenter Alexey Bezymyanny : How will the intestines react to fermented milk products? Everyone has it differently. What exactly can not be done is to practice on an empty stomach, when pains already begin, a feeling of discomfort, rumbling in vividlythose. In this case, it is really better to drink kefir, drinking yogurt or a protein shake in water or milk (depending on the percentage of fat and the characteristics of the person).

Life-giving power: 5 familiar liquids in an unusual perspective

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Important to remember: Many people are intolerant to milk sugar. Lovers of milk in the early stages of losing weight include low-fat dairy products in their diet. It is not worth excluding such drinks and foods from your diet due to the content of lactic acid bacteria, which have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.

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