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Life after ice. What do skaters who have retired do?

For the last four years, very young figure skaters have become medalists of major starts. At the Grand Prix in Turin, Russian athletes - Trusova , Kostornaya and Shcherbakova , who are only 15-16 years old - took the entire podium. The same situation was repeated at the Russian championship in Krasnoyarsk.

If you look at the statistics of past years, it is easy to see that figure skating is rapidly falling into childhood: the age of the champions is getting smaller. Girls who only recently shone at the Olympics as a teenager are now losing to a new generation and cannot regain leadership status. Recently, 17-year-old Alina Zagitova - the winner of the Pyeongchang Games - announced a career suspension. The statement caused a lot of controversy in the sports world. I wonder what athletes do after retirement at a young age? Let's talk about five skaters who went to comprehend life off the ice.

I took everything from figure skating. Alina Zagitova

In December of this year, Alina announced a break in her career. In the ongoing season, the girl will not perform at any of the starts. Many are afraid that the athlete may not return to duty at all. Zagitova explains her decision by the fact that at the age of 17 she took everything from figure skating. She managed to combine the gold of the Olympic Games, the European Championship, the Grand Prix final and the World Championship. Thus, the skater has no athletic goals at all.

In one of her interviews, Alina admitted that she was tired of the training regime, her desire to go to the start was gone, and she wants to return it. Immediately after the loud statement, Zagitova hastened to reassure her fans on Instagram:

Despite a temporary pause , the skater will appear in public space. She recently made her debut in the title role on the ice show Sleeping Beauty. The legend of the two kingdoms of Tatiana Navka. The performance with the participation of the champion was a great success and collected a good box office. And besides participating in the show, Alina clearly has something to do: she starred in the film with her dog and is the ambassador of Puma and Shiseido.

Life after ice. What do skaters who have retired do?

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Life after ice. What do skaters who have retired do?

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The girl in red became a coach. Yulia Lipnitskaya

Some took the pause in Alina's career as a retirement.There are only two seasons behind her at the senior level, so it was difficult for fans to come to terms with the loss of the prima figure skating. The example of Yulia Lipnitskaya , who became the favorite of the public at the Sochi Olympics, is still fresh before their eyes. In addition to the medal from the Games, the athlete's collection includes the gold of the European Championship and the silver of the World Championship in 2014, as well as the second place in the 2013 Grand Prix final.

After an impressive start, a streak of failures began, which Julia could not cope with. She never returned to the international arena and ended her career at 19. Nevertheless, Lipnitskaya did not give up the sport completely. In 2015, she entered the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism. Two years later, the girl began to comment on figure skating and was on the air for more than 8 hours at the Grand Prix stage in Russia - the Rostelecom Cup. A well-known name and a great store of knowledge allowed the champion to cope with a new role and gain more than 7 million views. Lipnitskaya also worked at the Pyeongchang Olympics.

In February 2018, Julia together with the Olympic champion in ice dancing Elena Ilinykh organized the Academy of Champions, where she became a coach.

Participation in ice shows did not pass this young figure skater. In 2018, she signed a contract to participate in the Evgeni Plushenko Nutcracker-2 project. Starting in January 2019, the skater pleases the audience by playing the role of Cinderella.

Show- business or sports. Adelina Sotnikova

The Sochi Olympics were marked by the retirement of two figure skaters at once. The second was Adelina Sotnikova . She took gold in the individual standings, perfectly skating both programs. The athlete was forced to completely miss the post-Olympic season due to a serious leg injury. A severe fracture, in fact, put an end to the girl's career. After the 2015/16 season, she only appeared on the ice in various shows.

In February 2015 Adeline took part in Ice Dance and won the Audience Award. In 2016, she won the Ice Age project together with the actor Alexander Sokolovsky . Sotnikova several times tried to return to the sports field, but figure skating was rapidly going up: new stars left no chance of returning.

In 2018, Adeline was invited to the Ice Age. Children as a jury, and a year earlier - in Top Mini Models together with Yana Rudkovskaya . Now the social life of the champion is diverse: she appears in music videos and TV shows. For example, in the Blue Light.

In addition, Sotnikova started her own business. She opened a nail salon in the center of Moscow with an optimistic name Be happy. The girl noted that this is a joint a project in which her mother takes an important part.

Life after ice. What do skaters who have retired do?

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Life after ice. What do skaters who have retired do?

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Depression, commentary and ice shows. Elena Radionova

Unlike Sotnikova, who enjoys triumph at the Sochi Olympics, Radionova The game failed twice, although it showed high promise in the 2015/16 season. Elena tried to break into the competitions in 2014 and 2018, but after unsuccessful results, she began to undergo bouts of depression and thought about retirement. In an interview with the portal of the Figure Skating Federation, she admitted:

Radionova is not officially leaving the ice announced, but it is unlikely she will be able to return to the new era of figure skating. Now the girl devotes more time to ice shows, she also tried herself as a commentator. Elena has twice performed in the Art on Ice project, which takes place in Switzerland. In addition, the skater played one of the sisters in the ice version of Cinderella by Evgeni Plushenko.

Happy marriage. Anna Pogorilaya

She can be safely called a diligent loner who has always shown discipline. Anna won the title of famous figure skater after the junior world championship in Milan, ahead of Radionova and Lipnitskaya. The start at the senior level went well for Pogorila. She won the Russian Cup final and took two medals - gold and bronze - at the Grand Prix stages. But at one point, the skater's career began to decline, and the girl stopped appearing in competitions.

In 2018, Anna married a colleague of Andrei Nevsky , who represented Latvia in ice dancing. Judging by the skater's instagram, she still devotes time to training and participates in ice shows. However, without skates, the athlete feels just as good and lives a happy life.

Life after ice. What do skaters who have retired do?

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