10 Secrets To Cleaning Your Thrift Finds

Life after dry cleaning: 10 sneaker transformations that could not be saved

For true sneakerheads, sneaker looks are as important as comfort. Agree, a dirty couple is unlikely to please the eye, but for the sake of a clean one you will want to look under your feet to admire it once again. However, the more often we put on the model we like, the more it gets dirty, deformed and eventually wears out. But this does not mean that it is time to throw it away: in most cases, the shoes can be saved and even returned to their presentation. It is only important to take care of proper care.

Life after dry cleaning: 10 sneaker transformations that could not be saved

An experiment by the editor. Is it possible to save dead sneakers?

Read this article to avoid saying goodbye to your favorite sneakers during the rainy fall.

How to wash your favorite sneakers?

Light dirt and moderate problems in general can be dealt with on your own with a brush, soap or powder. But before that, you need to remove the insoles and laces, remove dust from the outer cover and test the detergent on a small area of ​​the shoe. There are also special cleaning products that will help solve the problem without unnecessary manipulation. But there are many folk life hacks around washing white shoes: from brushing with toothpaste and soda to bathing a couple in acetone and vinegar.

Life after dry cleaning: 10 sneaker transformations that could not be saved

Q&A: how to clean white sneakers?

5 ways to save your favorite sports shoes at home.

All this fuss takes time, nerves and your attentiveness, because without it, you can do harm. In addition, home care will not cope with heavy dirt, cracks and lost shoe shape. In such cases, it is better to trust the dry cleaning professionals: our experienced friends at Sole Fresh know exactly how to provide competent assistance to any couple. Together with them, we have compiled ten impressive transformations for you, which prove that even the most hopeless sneakers can be brought to life. What makeover do you like best?

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