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Let's start spring! Opening the running season together

Let's start the spring with the April race!

The running season in Moscow will open on April 1, 2018 on the territory of the Luzhniki Olympic complex with the traditional spring 5 kilometers.

Pros and beginners open the season

April is the most massive 5 km race in spring. This year, 7,500 people are expected at the start, which is more than the first Moscow Marathon in two distances in 2013 gathered. The race attracts the attention of both beginners, for whom 5 km is the optimal distance, and experienced runners who are ready to show high results on a fast and smooth track. So, for example, in last year's race, 10 athletes ran the distance in less than 15 minutes at once.

New format of the race

Since last year, April has been held in a new format. The race, which was created as a preparatory stage for the Moscow Marathon, has become an independent running event, with its own concept and corporate identity. Its popularity is not accidental: for many athletes, April is a symbol of the resumption of training and outdoor competitions. The festive atmosphere and the first warmth give energy and motivate to set new records. The event attracts thousands of fans every year. Their loud applause, warm hugs, posters and branded chants charge strength and confidence on the way to the home stretch for the entire season.

Race route

The race route passes in the sports heart of the capital - around the Luzhniki Olympic Complex: along Novoluzhnetskiy proyezd and Luzhnetskaya embankment. Participants run a distance overlooking Moscow City, Vorobyovskaya Embankment, the Moscow State University building and the Luzhniki Bolshoi Sports Arena.

Hurry up to register today before 23:59 (Moscow time)

Registration for the April race will last until March 16 on the site.

How to get a slot for free?

Take part in our raffle on VKontakte and get the opportunity to win a slot to participate in the April race absolutely free.

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