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Les Mills Barre: 5 Facts About A New Workout To Try

Take a look at the ballet dancers. Sometimes they look delicate and fragile, but despite this, they can be called one of the strongest and most enduring athletes. Especially for those who want to achieve strength without losing the feeling of lightness, grace and grace, the workout Les Mills Barre was invented. In this article, we have collected 5 facts about a new way to pump your body.

Les Mills Barre: 5 Facts About A New Workout To Try


Based on ballet

This fitness innovation deserves the title of the most beautiful program in the Les Mills collection of fitness hits. Les Mills Barre is an athletic workout inspired by ballet, filled with freedom and grace. It is based on the modern concept of classical ballet training, but without a barre and with the latest music.

Combination of styles

This is a unique, elegant combination of cardio and strength training for balance and stabilization. By combining graceful movements in simple combinations, we raise the pulse and work out the whole body. The main focus at Barre is on working the legs, glutes and stabilizing muscles, strengthening the core and creating the perfect posture. This type of load is also great for giving the body a relief.

30 minutes for pumping

During this time, you will be able to tone the whole body. The workout begins with a warm-up, smoothly moves into the ballet phase, alternating with strength training, and ends with the most difficult summing stage. It uses light weights and rugs.

Something new every month

The tracks and set of exercises are constantly updated for maximum efficiency. As the trainers explain, the first month is given to get acquainted with the program, the second - to memorize the movements, and the third - to hone the technique. At the same time, the update takes place all over the world at once.

Traditional approach

The founder of the program is Diana Archer Mills. One of her main goals was to adhere to traditional ballet foundations to develop a modern, dynamic group program. This is the main highlight of Barre.

Who is this workout for: Les Mills Barre is suitable for those who want the optimal combination of strength training, cardio and elegance. This kind of workout is not like standard strength programs or stretching exercises, so if you are looking for something unusual, interesting and at the same time useful, this is the place for you.

What is the correct name: Les Mills Barre or simply Barre.

Where to try: Today, Les Mills trainings are held in 75 countries of the world, in more than 15 thousand gyms, and weekly the number of participants in group classes - more than 6 million worldwide. Barre is a new direction, but from November 1 you will have the opportunity to test it in World Class fitness clubs . By the way, 3 out of 5 ambassadors of the program are trainers of this particular network.

Les Mills Barre: 5 Facts About A New Workout To Try

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Les Mills Barre: 5 Facts About A New Workout To Try

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