Using Instagram to Promote your Online Course

Lecture hall. How to promote your fitness account on Instagram?

Every day the popularity of a healthy lifestyle is increasing, more and more people are showing interest in sports, proper nutrition, and are beginning to follow the beauty and aesthetics of their own body. Social networks have long and successfully promoted sports accessories, clothing, exercise equipment and fitness clubs. But how to properly and effectively promote your personal sports achievements, create opportunities for individual coaching programs, conduct online group classes?

Lecture hall. How to promote your fitness account on Instagram?

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On December 10, for the first time in Moscow, fitness, crossfit stars and bloggers will tell you how to monetize their sports lifestyle and earn on their achievements by promoting sports on social networks. Learn more.

Forum program

12.00-12.20. Promotion of sports activities and image in social networks

Every day the popularity of healthy lifestyle is increasing, in which the desire of modern people to a conscious life plays an important role. At the same time, the number of new sports brands is growing: fitness clubs, clothing and footwear, exercise equipment, accessories, sports nutrition, etc. All this creates a great need for high-quality SMM promotion in social networks, which has its own characteristics. The presentation will touch upon some of the relevant topics: creating a brand image, recruiting and working with an audience, selecting content, interacting with fitness bloggers and customers, etc.

Lecturer: Julia Drunk
Fitness blogger, model

Lecture hall. How to promote your fitness account on Instagram?


12.20-12.40. Difficulties in the development of a beginner fitness blogger and ways to overcome them

- Work in local groups as a start to develop your own blog.
- The role of video and photo quality in promoting your account.
- Charisma as the basis of your own promotion.
- Ability to communicate, to be interesting to people as one of the factors in creating a consistently engaged audience.
- Ways to overcome creative stagnation.

Lecturer: Victoria Kudryashova
Certified FPA trainer, blogger

12.40-13.00. Topic in preparation

Lecturer: Maria Golodskovskaya
Professional trainer and nutritionist, Nutrex and Better Bodies Athlete, Columnist

13.00-13.20. Building the training process depending on the goals / training for your group

There has been a running boom in the country lately. Every year the number of runs in our country increases, and with it the number of participants. Most people who are just starting to run dream of conquering the marathon distance. The lecturer will tell you how to most safely build the training process, based on the goals that you set for yourself.

Lecturer: Galina Startseva
Senior coach of KLB Capital, master of sports in athletics, winner and prizewinnerin Moscow and the Moscow region, medalist of the Russian championship, medalist of the International Cups

13.20-13.40. How to recruit people for training, working for yourself

Features of women's training. Individual / group training.

Lecturer: Alena Astakhova
Fitness trainer, founder of the Bootyup women's fitness course

Lecture hall. How to promote your fitness account on Instagram?


13.40-14.00. Maintaining a personal account

Monetize or have fun? Combine!

Lecturer: Yaroslava Nikolaeva
Blogger, fitness model, motivator. Multiple medalist of the North-West in the Bodyfitness category, 4-time Russian champion in the Bodyfitness category, vice-world champion in the Bodyfitness category, multiple medalist of Arnold Classic Europe, Arnold Classic USA

... and many others.

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